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In the only local multiplayer skeleton blower on the market (correct if wrong), the Sokpop Collective skeleton lets players discover gems and blow bones. Does this provide a free and scary fun time for everyone, or is this title horribly bad?

Skeleton review

The goal of a skeleton, a single-screen action title, is simple. Get all the gems before your opponent. Players armed with a reliable pickaxe will have to dig through holes, islands, basements, pyramids and castles to grab these various glows. Everything is limited to one screen, with all the gems and good vantage points in one easy-to-see place.

However, competition is fierce and the landscape is rough. Each character has a health bar to watch out for, and you can remove the chips with the pickaxe mentioned above. But that’s not the only tool you have at your disposal. There are many weapons embedded in the rubble that can be used to determine the score. A skeleton with a shotgun or bazooka may sound like a ridiculous concept, but the end result is something else. After defeating an enemy, you will be able to respawn in one of the nearby caskets after a period of time.

Unfortunately, despite the quirky assumptions, skeleton execution is a bit sluggish. It starts with the overall length of the match-most matches end before it starts, and players collect all their gems in about a minute on average. It feels awkward to search for gems. It’s more like QWOP staying at home than a highly competitive fighter. Combined with a bone-headed AI that likes to jump into place and do nothing, it’s a mediocre package. This title is definitely designed for short bursts, but it doesn’t talk about strategy, depth, or balance. Rather, what you see is what you get, and what you get is a really casual title.

Completing each level in single-player mode unlocks the next level in succession, earning achievements associated with it. As a result, even semi-skilled players can play the game solo in about 15 minutes, and many players will have a similar experience.

Pair mode is also available for those who want to take their friends. You can select the same map. There aren’t many variables to adjust, but it’s still welcome to include them. We have a track record of playing a certain number of times, but nothing more unlocks it.

The bite-sized skeleton action is good for short visits, but the lack of variety eliminates the chance of long-term appeal of all kinds. A skeleton with a shotgun is a dream material, but the final product isn’t very interesting.

This skeleton review was done on a PC. The game was purchased digitally.

Skeleton review

In the only local multiplayer skeleton blower on the market (correct if wrong), the Sokpop Collective skeleton lets players discover gems and blow bones.Is this free

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