Skill Tree-List of Key Skills-Assassin’s Creed Valhara Wiki Guide

Skill name Explanation Bear tree Stomp When the enemy falls to the ground, press R3 and trample your face. Dual swap For dual wield, hold down RT + R3 to swap weapon hands. Perfect attack Pressing RB again while the weapon is swinging will do more damage to the next hit. Parry damage Successful parry also damages the attacker. Berserker’s spirit Partially filled adrenaline slots are unaffected by the enemy’s first attack. Light bow combo Continuous shots with a light bow do additional damage. Warrior takedown Use a melee weapon to attempt an RT takedown against an unaware enemy. It warns all enemies around you, but fills your adrenaline for all of them. Adrenaline fiend When one or more adrenaline bars are full, you get a damage boost. This effect increases as each slot is filled. Heavy dual wield You can dual wield heavy weapons. This will change the status and handling of each weapon. terrorism After the Stan Finisher, weak enemies may be terrified. Cremation on the battlefield Enemies that die from one of your fire attacks will continue to burn, damaging nearby enemies. Sprint bash Unlocks the ability to defeat fragile objects and push NPCs to the ground during a sprint. Arrow volley Hold and release R with a light bow with stamina to discharge all loaded arrows at once. Raven Tree Back stub Hitting the enemy’s back directly increases defensive damage and staggers the enemy. Death brush Avoiding just before the attack lands will make you taller and appear to temporarily slow down the movement of others around you. Guided arrow Press RB to adjust the trajectory of the arrow in flight. Advanced assassination Unlocks the ability to assassinate high-level targets with timing-based attacks. Predator Bow Combo Successive headshots with a predator’s bow do additional damage. Explosive corpse Booby Trap Damages the person investigating the corpse. Hold F close to your body and put in explosive explosives. Chain assassination After a successful assassination, throw an ax at a second NPC standing nearby. Breakfall Ivor will automatically roll when landing from a dangerous height, reducing damage taken. Counter roll Just before attacking to dodge behind the enemy, dodge towards the enemy’s unblockable rune attack. Miasma Enemies who die in one of your poison attacks will release toxic clouds around them, infecting those who have invaded. Order of Assassins Cantrip If the parry is successful, press F to throw a smoke grenade at your feet and it will disappear. Automatic looting Automatically plunder enemies after stealth or melee kills. Missile reversal If you press Q before the projectile hits, it will catch virtually all projectiles and throw them at the sender. Wolf tree Stealth reconnaissance If crouching is not detected, it will automatically highlight the enemy. Sprint attack To make a sprint attack, press RB during the sprint. Bow to Melee Link Alternating bow and melee attacks will do additional damage in a short amount of time. Urgent purpose Press and hold LT to aim at the enemy when they detect you and give them the opportunity to kill them and leave them undetected. Last chance healing When your health reaches a crisis, the time around you slows down and allows you to escape and heal. Battle ground bolt Press E to pick up the nearest discarded weapon and automatically throw it at an enemy in sight. Stealth adrenaline While in stealth, plunder chests in restricted areas or use pickpockets to gain adrenaline. Hunt Bow Combo Release the arrow when you have finished drawing to speed up the drawing of the next arrow. courage Regains the red portion of health lost in the bar when a melee attack is successful. Charge shot An irrevocable attack that fires two fully charged arrows with a Hunt Bow. Bowstan finisher Press R3 to trigger the bow stan finisher when aiming at the stunned enemy’s head. Arrow reinforcement Loose arrows never break and may be collected from fallen enemies.


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