Skin mesh: Visual showcase

New and exciting developments are always coming to Roblox. The latest skin mesh allows creators to integrate it into their experience. Not only will this introduce mesh transformations to the platform, but it will also be ready to enable more features in work beyond 2021, such as layering and facial animation.

Previously, the appearance of characters and objects was represented by rigid parts. This allows the surfaces of these parts to be continuous, making the mesh look smoother and more realistic.

The avatar on the left consists of skinned Mesh Parts, while the avatar on the right is a traditional rigid R15 model.

We have already begun to see early examples of developers using skin mesh to enhance the visual fidelity of the experience. See the Starboard Studios demo below. This game uses skin mesh in combination with new surface appearance features to create a smooth, natural swell effect on wind-blown flags and more realistic ocean waves.

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You can also create funny squash and stretch animations like this character from Frogge.

Recently, I used skin mesh to create my own Lil Nas X avatar for the Lil Nas X concert experience. This was one of the first major showcases of this exciting new feature.

You can see more examples in action in this sample staging area.

We are constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of our growing creator community. The more tools we can offer, the more creators will be able to experiment, innovate and develop all kinds of experiences we can imagine. We look forward to more games using skin mesh in the future!

For creators who want to know more about skin mesh, see the developer forum post.

Skinned Meshes: A Visual Showcase

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