Skyrim Anniversary Edition may break some mods

Changes made in future Skyrim Anniversary Editions can disrupt the mod scene. Every time we update a very popular game, we may make changes that break the way mods work. Skyrim Anniversary Edition It’s the biggest concern ever in the modding community.

The main issue with Anniversary Edition is the fact that it’s an update to an existing game, not a new release. Along with that, Skyrim Script Extender, a plugin that makes mods work in the game, will be changed. In this release, the compiler has been updated from Visual Studio 2015 to 2019 edition, changing the way code is generated, “how mod developers are forced to find functions from scratch and create hooks.” The SKSE developer wrote in a Reddit post.

“Plug-ins that use address libraries need to be divided into” pre-AE “and” post-AE “eras. You need to rewrite the code signature and hook. You need to find all the functions again. Literally 100,000 functions have disappeared, inlined or dead-striped, and the compiler’s inline behavior has changed to the point where it can be seen, “continues the post. Simply put, this means that many mods will not work at all without a lot of effort to update. “This actually means that after the release of AE, the native code mod scene will be interrupted for an unknown period of time.”

Given how mods helped extend Skyrim’s lifespan over the years, it’s amazing that Bethesda seems to undermine the Moding community with every update. In any case, the Anniversary Edition includes new content like fishing, as well as what’s popular with next-generation updates.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S on November 11th.

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