Skyrim may actually be in a good fight with this Sekiro overhaul mod

Despite being one of the greatest and most beloved RPG games of all time, Skyrim has seen many modifications aimed at overhauling combat on the PC, giving players depth and new to base games. I’m trying to add a spin. Fight. However, some Skyrim mods take this to yet another impressive step. For example, a new combat overhaul is essentially Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Creator Inpa Skyrim describes the new “Inpa Sekiro Combat” mod as “hardcore” and has completely reworked TESV’s combat system to make it much more like FromSoftware’s 2019 action-adventure game. This mod modifies many mechanisms to achieve this. For example, replace Skyrim’s stamina with Sekiro’s posture, or add a “calm” system. These make Dovahkiin vulnerable when he is at maximum position and “unconditionally stagger” when an enemy attack lands.

To avoid this, Sekiro’s defense system will be introduced. There is a parry against both arrows and melee attacks, which exhausts your posture (and you are knocked out when it reaches zero). But if you nail some sweet blocks, you will save your health.

On the other hand, countering magical attacks will stagger if the magicka is exhausted and it falls to nothing, but flashing the sword can distract a lot of Skyrim’s enemy magic tricks. I will. Sadly, the dragon screams aren’t included, but the game’s biggest and worst beasts need to be equipped with some special tricks.

Like Sekiro, the mod’s vitality regeneration and posture system seem to be intertwined. In other words, posture recovery rate correlates with clogging of the health bar. With other updates such as “dangerous attacks”, bash system, quick parry, resurrection, assassination, open world game combat actually seems to be transformed into Sekiro’s highly exciting system. Check out the clip above to understand that this is actually working.

Best of all, Modder incorporates Sekiro’s signature “Run Shinobi” feature, allowing you to finish your Draugr, Dedra, and Dragon in a wolf style. When the mod is working, when the enemy’s posture collapses, a “REC circle” is triggered in the center of the body, indicating vulnerability. At that point, attack the enemy and treat the ninja finisher.

Visit Nexus Mods for more information on how mods work and to get them yourself. As usual, mods are at your own risk! If you want to know, you can also download over 100 mods and see what happens when you turn Skyrim into Sekiro.

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