Skyrim mod makes the game forest look realistic

Skyrimmod, which gives the forest a visual boost, makes the game look almost photorealistic.

As GameRant discovered, the Origins of Forest-3D Forest Grass mod was designed to “reflect the dynamic growth of a wonderful forest” by adding lush foliage to the game’s forest environment. The mod creator, “forbeatn” (Nexus Mods), created the mod to make the forest look more “immersive and dynamic” when playing Skyrim in VR.

The recently updated Origins of the Forest mod gives Skyrim’s forest a beautiful boost, adds grass, bushes and other green foliage to sprout to about the same height as the player’s waist. This makes the Skyrim Forest look more natural, as it can look a bit barren without mods.

This mod wasn’t created entirely from scratch, but according to the list of Nexus Mods, it’s intended as an add-on to the “Jedi Trees” mod, which boosts the Skyrim Forest. With nearly 50,000 mod downloads, many players seem to love the denser forest.

Recently, many impressive Skyrim Mods have been in the spotlight. For this, a mod that allows the player to stroke the dog, a mod that provides a “complete overhaul” of the religious system, Dovahkiin is the breath of a wild-style paraglider.

Other Skyrim mod-related news has recently revealed that the fan’s favorite mod, the “No Skyrim” mod, has been removed from the Nexus Mod because it reportedly caused a bug in the game. The self-explanatory mod was created to prevent fans from playing the game excessively by blocking attempts to load the game.The removal of this mod ignited the online Moveman

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