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This is the reason when they call him a “straitjacket”:

And this is the reason:

And this is the reason:

And this is the reason:

There are more. Many more. Pelican says “not an herb” to describe such a clip. Like, “You can try it, [insert name of elite offensive player here], But that doesn’t work. It’s not an herb. “

You’ve probably seen it as a hashtag (#NotOnHerb) Recently on Twitter. Rumors are finally beginning to spread about what the 23-year-old rookie has done in New Orleans. First, there is a little background. Jones, 6-8 points forward from Alabama, was 35 years old.NS The overall choice in the 2021 draft. He spent his breakout years as a senior at Crimson Tide, averaging 11.2 points, 6.6 rebounds, 3.3 assists, 1.7 steals and 1.1 blocks, earning him the SEC’s Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year. His size, length and agility allowed him to keep every position on the floor. Under the head coach of Nate Oats, he often coordinated Alabama’s attacks, pushed the ball into transitions, played selfishly for others, and dramatically improved as a shooter. Given his diversity, Jones projected it as a person who could immediately participate and contribute. However, few people have imagined that such an effect (the type where #NotOnHerb is a problem) would occur at this early stage.

Jones has recorded 26.2 minutes per game, and his defensive strength has led him to the spot in the Pelican starting lineup. He accepts his role as a “straitjacket” and welcomes the opportunity to protect the best players on the opposing team.

“To be good at defense, you really need it,” Jones said. Said to Wilguillory Athletic.. “You have to play with another kind of aggression, another kind of desire. I’m always proud to be someone ready to lay out everything for my teammates. That’s what I care most about. “I haven’t scored (he only tries an average of 5.7 shots per game). Not a highlight. I haven’t got him. Just put everything there for his teammates, especially in the defensive end. That’s what herbs care about. That is his way of thinking.

“He is my favorite player on the team.” Devonte Graham said About Jones last week. “He is one of those who do everything he wants. He won’t complain. He [not] Shoot the ball, he doesn’t care. He just plays a victorious play.The best guard [opponent] every night. “

Of course, it wasn’t easy to take that responsibility every night, and Jones sometimes struggled (Luka Doncic dominated their direct fight on Wednesday). But he welcomes the challenge and approaches it without fear or hesitation. In two meetings with Utah, he shot former No. 1 Anthony Edwards 14.3% (2/14) from the field in three games against Minnesota, and All-Star Donovan Mitchell to 21% (3/14). I shot. Data from the NBA.. He has spent a considerable amount of time protecting both guards (62% of the time,, Trae Young, Zach LaVine, Ja Morant, including Bradley Beal) and Bigs (38%). His consciousness and instinct are partly influenced by his experience as a free safety childhood. Guillory notes of his work— Leading to many thefts (14 times in his last 5 outings). When he’s on the floor, Jones only disrupts the flow of attacks from other teams. It’s very easy.

The numbers clearly support it.The opponent is estimate If you put herbs on the bench, you’ll get 118.8 points for every 100 possessions, but if you’re on the court, that mark will drop to 108.8. He has the best pluses and minuses in his regular rotations in New Orleans, leading all rookies in game-by-game steal (1.5) and game-by-game deflection (3.0). What he does, such as bringing some energy, lifting 90 feet from the basket, knowing when and where to help, and taking on these rigorous defensive missions so that a man like Brandon Ingram can focus on the attack. Many do not appear. Even in the statistics sheet. It, coupled with Pelican’s overall struggle, caused Jones to fly a bit under the radar throughout the first quarter of the season.

But hype is on the rise. The word is widespread. #NotOnHerb is catching up. People know about NOLA’s newcomers, and why they call him a “straitjacket.”

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SLAM x Panini Rookie Spotlight: Pelicans Forward Herbert Jones SLAM x Panini Rookie Spotlight: Pelicans Forward Herbert Jones

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