Slay the Spire is a board game

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Incredibly deep roguelike deck-building RPG Defeat Spire Following the recently announced desktop treatment of board game maker Contention Games, it allows people to actually explore the game’s ingenious card battles together.

According to the contention website Defeat Spire Board games can accommodate up to four players, and each round takes about 45 minutes (a little shorter than defeating the entire run of an existing video game).

There isn’t much other information about the desktop version yet, but based on the description, the basic premise of attacking with cards and fighting through a series of dungeons casting spells seems to remain.

Content that also made a card-based 4X strategy game Imperium: Conflict, Holding an official kickstarter Defeat Spire Someday this spring board game. (((Imperium In the set, it was funded like this Just shipped to the backers.. )

Recently, many video games have been adapted on the desktop.Just last September, CMON announced that it would create an official board game based on a movie shooter. Last of us.. Defeat SpireBeing a video game that is almost already playing like a desktop game should be an easier adaptation.

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