Sleep series: Sound is not OK please!Everything you need to know about sleep apnea

Good sleep is ironically called sound sleep. “Sleep soundly” is okay, but sleep with “Sound is not okay!”. Snoring is a “lead indicator” for sleep apnea. 30% of men and 15% of women snore. Most male snowlers over the age of 40 are more likely to have sleep apnea.

During sleep, parts of the body relax and for most of us the muscles (throat and tongue) around the airways collapse (relax) and block the airways. this:

  • Stop the flow of air to the lungs
  • Stop breathing
  • Lowers blood oxygen levels – less than 90%, CO2 rises
  • The brain detects low levels and reacts urgently!

The brain sends a signal to wake up, but only to the collapsed part (usually a person still sleeps-so he just doesn’t know the problem), and then the cycle continues.

During apnea, there are complex harmful hormonal reactions in the body: https: //

Sleep apnea dies slowly! Sleep apnea, of course, releases diabetes, high blood pressure and lethargy, among other myriad illnesses. I was so sleepy at an office meeting that I first realized that I could have apnea. For another reason they were bored, I felt sleepy at every meeting! I was tired and lethargic.

How did you tackle sleep apnea?

My “sleep soundly” was like a lion’s roar! I heard my recording-it was my wife who first talked about it, and then my son, who was sleeping in the next room. At that time, by chance, the GOQii people were discussing sleep apnea, CPAP machines, and more. A free polysomnography (sleep test) was provided, so I got it. As a result, mild apnea was confirmed and I immediately purchased a Philips APAP (more advanced than CPAP) machine.

I had a hard time sleeping with a face mask, but as I got used to it, the benefits came to me! I always woke up fresh, sang and ready for Carpe Diem.I paid more attention to the meeting (ask more difficult questions) and then began to infuse health benefits – high blood pressure plummeted and drug doses reduced – my overall quality of life Improved

Why I shared my personal story in a little more detail:
I have trouble sleeping and as a result

  • Low productivity
  • Stress and tension when working hard to make up for low productivity
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Poor 360 Degree Feedback
  • I was drinking more coffee to stay awake-and as a result I lost more sleep-I was caught in a vicious circle (Read caffeine and sleep here).
  • Suffering from avoidable hypertension problems for at least 15 years and taking beta-blockers of all kinds resulted in even more fatal side effects
  • I had no clues and sadly I wasn’t even my doctor
  • No doctor has ever asked about snoring or sleep quality. Treat the “symptoms” we talk about the system, not the comments about the doctor.

Therefore, you are accountable for your health!!

  • Talk to your body and understand the signal it is sending (body language)-better yet, measure it regularly
  • In Mumbai, I found two sleep doctors on Google. I consulted with one of them. (Is there only two maximum cities? It’s no wonder Mumbai is a city that never sleeps)
  • I read books about Matthew Walker’s sleep, read a lot of blogs, and watched a lot of videos.
  • The CPAP machine used understands its measurements and GOQii Smart Vital Reading and lifestyle modifications
  • Invested in my bedroom upgrade
  • I tried some foods (next / last blog) and adapted the one that suits me
  • It’s my community, so I finally decided to share it on LinkedIn


  • Sleep apnea is more common than what is detected and treated
  • Sleep apnea is more than just a health problem, it’s the biggest killer of productivity – HR Forks, keep this in mind!
  • Low productivity makes it even harder for knowledge workers
  • Responsible for all major lifestyle chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • If you get sleepy in the office before lunch, you may have sleep apnea, whether you snore or not (it’s okay to get a little sleepy in the second half).
  • If you are over 40 years old, it is highly recommended that you consult your sleep doctor for a polysomnography.Make it part of the master checkup
  • If you snore, don’t wait and get an apnea test

The latest CPAP and APAP machines are great. They are as comfortable as they can get and they give you a comprehensive MIS in your sleep the next day. More importantly, it has a high quality air filter that filters out contaminants and small dust particles. This is an additional benefit.

We hope you find this article on sleep apnea useful.Watch out for the next last article on Sleep series by Srini.. For more information on sleep, see a LIVE session by GOQii Play experts.

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