Sling Plane 3D Strategy Guide – Top 5 Tips, Tips, Strategy

Sling Plane 3D is a game of throwing planes as much as possible. You have a catapult, you have some wings, and you have some underpowered engines. It’s pretty rewarding, especially when you first get started. That’s why we created this Sling Plane 3D Strategy Guide.

A collection of top 5 tips, tips and cheats for Sling Plane 3D. These are useful if you are new to the game, but also if you have been playing for a while. In other words, there is something here for everyone.

So, without any further hassle or extra paragraphs, here are the top 5 tips, tips, and cheats for Sling Plane 3D.

Find the largest multiplier

When your flight is nearing the end, you try to land somewhere trying to get a decent multiplier. This can turn a good flight into a great flight and the extra coins you earn will be very helpful. You may not be able to land on your multiplier, but you should always consider earning as much income as possible from every flight.

Always upgrade

It is very important to upgrade the engine and catapult whenever you have the opportunity. This allows you to go farther on every flight and earn even more coins. You also need to increase your bottom line. Spread the upgrades evenly, rather than prioritizing the three. Watching the video when offered is a good way to get an upgrade for free.

Aim for the green

The launch lamp launches the plane under the green indicator. It’s tempting to give it a try, but in reality, firing to the left or right will inevitably result in almost instant plowing on a cliff. If you stick to the green, you will see yourself going as far as you can.

Raise your nose

When you’re in the air, you’ll want to keep the engine running for as long as possible. Pull your finger back onto the screen and keep your nose as high as possible. You only need to release it when you land, especially if you are aiming for a large multiplier.

Watch the video to get as much as you can

It’s a good idea to watch a video to earn as much income as possible. The more coins you get, the more you will be able to spend. It’s easy to see that the upgrade gets higher as you play and you need to complete two or three runs to get just one. The more videos you watch, the faster you can get those upgrades and the more revenue you can make.

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Sling Plane 3D Strategy Guide – Top 5 Hints, Tips and Cheats

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