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Baltimore (December 15, 2020) — Sports brand Slinger Bag (OTC: SLBG), a sports brand focused on innovation in ball game game improvements that first focused on the global tennis market, is a new technology platform. Announced that it has begun development of a mobile app with award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) sports technology. Slinger Bag has identified a strategic partner and launched a development plan to release this new consumer platform and app in 2021.

Later this month, Slinger Bag will produce the 20,000th launcher since launching the brand earlier this year. The company is now excited to enhance its innovative products.

“Today’s announcement is an important milestone for slinger bags,” said CEO Mike Ballady. “The global market validation of the slinger bag concept over the past year has been amazing. The recent holiday weekend in the United States has achieved two of the largest order dates ever. Our new distribution The global impetus from the Tarteam, combined with the ever-increasing consumer demand in the US market, ensures that this momentum will continue until 2021. The hardware itself, or the development of this unique software and new apps. . ”

Slinger Bag has partnered with Gameface, an award-winning sports AI company based in Sydney, Australia, to develop a technology platform. Gameface analyzes sports video footage to capture performance data to gain insights for athletes and coaches. The technology has been recognized at major industry events such as the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and World Football Summit Asia, and in 2019, the best system benchmarked by FIFA in the EPTS (Electronic and Performance Tracking Systems) standard. It was ranked as one.

“We are proud to work with the Gameface team to develop cutting-edge technology. Our team has a wealth of knowledge about tennis and is a fascinating technology loved by SlingerBag users around the world. We look forward to building the platform, “says Ballardie. “Starting with more relevant tennis indicators and incorporating better coaching insights, everything from those who use slinger bags for practice, drilling, fitness and fun to teaching professionals, athletes and tours. The focus is on providing an immersive experience for tennis players. Professionals. ”

Data and technology are key to the adoption and success of innovative consumer fitness products, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Slinger Bag aims to reach millions of new tennis players around the world and transform them into Slinger Bag users by combining the use of both Slinger Bag and this new platform. Ballardie goes on to say: “Our smart technology has the potential to change the speed and quality of game improvement for players of all levels in a very meaningful way. We plan to roll this out on a gradual subscription basis. It creates a new revenue base for the company while providing the best user experience possible. “

In addition, as part of this new technology platform, Slinger Bag announces an important partnership with PlaySight Interactive, the world’s leading sports and tennis video technology company. PlaySight integrates portable GO video technology into the new Slinger Bag product, enabling users to broadcast live streams, record videos, and monetize court session content using Slinger Bags.

“We look forward to using PlaySight to create a professional video experience attached to slinger bags. We have been following them closely for many years, their technical quality and their in tennis. I’m impressed with the brand and the strength of its reputation, “Baladi said.

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Slinger Bag announces new technology platform and app Slinger Bag announces new technology platform and app

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