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Small bubbles of salt water

One of the latest advances in marine transportation promises to save fuel and reduce emissions with a simple approach that anyone who has played with toy boats in the tub knows.Container giant Mediterranean Shipping Co., Ltd. (MSC) has installed an “air lubrication” system that allows vessels to float on the small foam carpets of many ordered vessels, which will reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 10%. Stated.

London-based design Silverstream Technologies, This system creates a “blanket” of air bubbles across the surface of the hull, reducing the resistance that occurs when the ship slides in the water. According to MSC, this air lubrication system not only saves energy and emissions, but also helps minimize noise, vibration and “dirt” from barnacles and seaweed.

In terms of potential savings, Silverstream states that vessels equipped with bubblers can save an estimated 1.6 million tonnes of carbon emissions over a lifetime. In addition, the company says MSC is in a position to save an estimated $ 298 million in fuel costs over the same period.

Small bubbles of salt water Small bubbles of salt water

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