Smashing Zoo is a chaotic smash ball game for mobile.article

URocks! Has released Smashing Zoo on Android and iOS devices.

This is described as a “smash ball” game where you shoot a ball from a big gun at various targets. These targets take the form of voxel-style objects made of hundreds of bricks. The main goal is to destroy the entire target before completing the level.

Fire a smash ball at the target and watch it slowly scrape off the tip. Over time, reduce the ball to unreadable objects contaminated by destruction. The more bricks you can break at one time, the more points you will earn to climb the leaderboard higher. Ammo is also limited during play, so it’s useful to practice your shots and count them all.

The Smashing Zoo has four types of weapons for firing smash balls. Cannons, shotguns, grenades, machine guns. The smash balls themselves are in the shape of various animals such as cows, cats, donkeys, elephants, pigs, ostriches, rabbits, seals and sheep. There are bonus birds flying around the level where you can earn bonus points and increase coins and ammo.

There are over 300 levels and at least enough content is here to calm fans of this genre. Its whimsical cartoon style and fantastic music are easy to pick up for kids and casual mobile players, and smooth game control means it works well for both long and short play sessions. To do.

You can download Smashing Zoo and start smashing from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. Free play titles, including ads and in-app purchases.

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