Smersh Agent-A spectacular showdown awaits

If you drink extravagant foamy espresso daily, you will receive decrypted messages over a secure channel. The director of the United Nations Intelligence Commission has informed you that hundreds of secret government spies have disappeared and cannot be found anywhere. If they are lucky enough to be found, they will die. Due to the urgency of this issue, the director is putting together a team to fight Dr. Robo, the world’s most notorious and evil mastermind. “The job must be challenging and dangerous” – the director warns you. The agency has discovered that Dr. Robo is recruiting and organizing his own power, the most deadly Henchman in the world – SMERSH. Not only will they vow to bring “death to all spies”, but they will also help him take over the world. They have to eliminate those who are one of their ways,Scroll down your tablet to see all the familiar faces. Of which, or in fact, was your colleague. You start to feel a grudge. My chin is clenched. Your anger is pumping all the blood in your veins. You know that you need to keep your head calm in order to accept this mission and save the world. Fortunately, you are not alone. “We support whatever we have, Intel, Spy Gears, Tech, etc. Our agents hiding in the field can support you with more Intel,” said the director. Said. That’s all you know. No more wasting a second. Press the button to accept the mission.

Welcome SMERSH Agent-Epic Edition Board game.

The player acts as one of the best UN spies. Each spy has different characteristics and advanced skills. Players need to understand their approach to the game and develop strategies based on their character. In each round, each player moves one turn at a time and encounters all over the world. After stopping at a certain place, draw an encounter card.There are multiple ROptions for encounters.You must select one of the results before you can roll Destiny dies. You need to find the correct narration provided in the book.You can use you Skill dice And Advanced skills To overcome the negative consequences of encounters. Passing through the encounter will give you valuable resources such as new advanced skills, skill improvements, more gadget acquisition, and more Intel collection.

Skill dice to solve encounters

If you fail, there is a lot of hassle. You may be injured, lower your skills, or advance the Dr. Lobo track. You need to be careful here. If Dr. Lobo goes too far, he will face him instead. You can also weaken him by first removing his evil powers. To find out where these Henchmans are, you need to get a certain amount of Intel. This is a reward from Encounter. By the way, losing to Henchman is not the end, as they will also appear in the ultimate showdown. The winner of the epic showdown is also the winner of the game.

At first glance SMERSH Agent-Epic Edition It has a lot of reproducibility. Thanks to the amount of creative scenarios / results in the Encounter and Epic Showdown books, players can experience each game in different ways. At the time of writing this, it already contains more than 2000 narrative story encounters. In addition, the game also has “Choose Your Own Adventure Series”, which allows players to discover and follow different paths. This creates an infinite number of alternative paths each time. In addition, players can invite up to 3 people to this battle. More players mean more unique powers and abilities. Therefore, players can work together to minimize casualties and defeat Dr. Lobo. Last but not least, the game has very sophisticated modern illustrations and designs. This doesn’t change the gameplay, but it does make a first impression for the player.

Pierre-Secret Spy

SMERSH Agent-Epic Edition There is no need for a gamemaster, which will surely satisfy the majority of the RPG community. It’s also a spy / adventure-themed masterpiece that doesn’t bluff or lie down on each other. Are you ready to answer the call to Dr. Robo to confront?

The game will be available on Kickstarter until Wednesday, May 19, 2021. Here are the links to the campaign:


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Agents of Smersh – the Epic Face-off awaiting

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