SMITE concludes the most successful year in history with Dansaburo

Dansaburo participate SMITE In the Legendary Raccoon Update, the final SMITE 2020 update. This hunter belonging to the Japanese Pantheon was previously revealed in this trailer:

Before Dansaburo, This year was the best year ever SMITE.. And this is not a small claim of the 7th year game.

With 12 content updates throughout 2020, Titan Forge has released 5 new gods, 7 events and 6 Battle Passes, including Cthulhu and Baba Yaga.The· Avatar X SMITE In particular, the crossover received unanimous praise from 30,000 simultaneous Steam players at the time of its release. This is a historic height. SMITE Fans were also pleased to return to the limited-time adventure mode and play with the updated maps. The list of new content continues with the gameplay feature. SMITE I’m at the Epic Games Store and more.

It all led to a record year in every respect. It was a thrilling and rewarding result for Hi-Rez Studios as the community-led vision continues to pay off.

To conclude this year is what the community wanted. SMITE The latest hunter. Today, Dansaburo is out to get you, your money, or both.

Once worshiped in Japan, this ghost raccoon dog is a cute creature but a cunning scammer, with as many abilities as his fortune. He can passively increase his gold gain, throw bags of money at his enemies, and provoke them with attractive jars. His transformative power allows him to secretly slip through enemy lines and become a spectacular explosive rocket.

Here’s a CloserLook blog post with update patch notes for Legendary Raccoon Dogs and details on creating them: Dansaburo..

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SMITE concludes its Most Successful Year Ever with Danzaburou

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