Smite’s latest hunter brings pranks with the latest updates

The latest god with the addition of the legendary raccoon dog, Dansaburo SmiteJapanese Pantheon – Now available on Xbox One!

This trickster is ready to bring the devout Shenanigan to the battlefield. With a sly smile and a big belly, Danazbrow is a cheerful ghost raccoon dog, a supernatural and legendary raccoon dog, with tricks on his sleeves and a rocket launcher in his back pocket. The team wanted to create a fun creature with a sneaky and wise personality.Dansaburo fox plays comic relief Smite During the dark season folklore brought about by Cthulhu.

Dansaburo’s kit emphasizes the theme of his trick star. He unfolds an explosive bag of money, removes twigs from the jar, turns into leaves between decoy leaves, and avoids enemies. And, as I mentioned earlier, he has a rocket launcher! Dansaburo summons magic leaves, transforms into a large bamboo rocket, and damages enemy gods. Dansaburo is a fun and explosive character and looks forward to seeing the amazing plays of the community.

This update also introduces Dansaburo’s first skin, Donzabrow Danzabrow. He can attend Smite Friends events.Celebrate this event SmiteMany friendships like Imir and Dansaburo happen to be brand new vests. When you buy a skin at an event, you will also receive a gift token to send gifts to your friends. SmiteJust in time for the holidays!


Speaking of holidays, immerse yourself in a festive mood at the 25 Days of Smite. There will be new in-game events or sales every day until Christmas. You can also log in to this countdown and receive your own gifts.

Thank you to the Titan Forge team for a wonderful year. We hope you like Dansaburo and the last update of Season 7. Announced back in 2021 Smite season 8.. Check out Hi-Rez Presents at 3:30 pm EST on January 7, 2021 to see the first look.This has been SmiteIt’s the best year ever and I’m glad you’ve been with us in these unprecedented times. See you on the battlefield!

Smite’s Newest Hunter Brings Mischief in the Latest Update

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