Snake Eyes Trailer: Henry Golding Orders GI Joe Reboot

The GI Joe Cinematic Universe is back with a complete reboot. Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins, Debuted at the MTV Movie Awards. The new movie shows how he probably joined the GI Joe team, following the training and early battle of the deadly Ninja Snake Eyes.

The trailer keeps things very vague and only hints at a story that the movie might follow.You can see the Snake Eyes played by Crazy Rich Asians Star Henry Golding seems to have begun training in a Japanese clan in the GI Joe universe called Arashikage. With them, Snake Eyes will become a ninja warrior and learn how to keep the world peaceful. But I don’t know much about what threatens that peace.

Instead, the trailer is full of quick and short shots of action scenes such as highway motorcycle tracking, rooftop sword fighting in the rain, and close combat shootouts. It also appears from a member of the cobra called The Baroness, played by Ursula Corbel. Money Heist, And Samara Weaving’s probably ally Scarlet of Snake Eyes ready or not..

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins It’s a completely fresh start to the theatrical world of the series. There were two movies in the previous big screen version of GI Joe Universe: 2009 GI Joe: The rise of Cobra And 2013 GI Joe: Retaliation.. Neither movie was a big hit at the box office, and it wasn’t particularly good, so Paramount decided to remake the series and start over.

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins It will be released in theaters on July 23.

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