Snakebye Switch Accessory Review

Snakebyte has released quite a few kits for Switch and we’ve been testing their pace. Here are some thoughts on what we’ve tested so far:

Snake Byte Dual Charge: Base S [On Snakebyte site here]

Base S is a big accessory here-and we mean big. It’s a pretty beast that allows you to charge your pro controller and two joy-cons. Along with the 10 switch play covers, there is also space for the switch docking station itself. It keeps everything snug and doesn’t feel cheap considering the price.

We cannot escape the fact that this is not the most beautiful accessory we have ever seen. If you can (literally) see past it, this is a solid part of the kit.

Snakeybyte Arrow: Charge S [On Snakebyte site here]

A little smaller Arrow: The Charge S seems to hold and charge only one pro controller and four joy-cons. There were 5 red and green LED charging indicators and there was no problem with the settings.

Again, this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing device, but it’s certainly better than putting a spare Joy-Con next to the couch and knocking it down. For those who regularly play 6-player games, this is an accessory that is especially worth considering at a reasonable price.

Snake Bit Ring: Kit S [On Snakebyte site here]

This is an alternative to the leg straps used in Ring Fit Adventure. At least when it comes to the materials used, it’s not as high quality as the actual transaction, but it didn’t cause any problems after long-term use for two weeks.

It’s probably a bit expensive, but if your official strap is broken, this is arguably your best option.

Snakebye Switch Accessory Reviews

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