SnowRunner gears up the experience as the mods arrive at the console

Sabre Interactive and Focus Home Interactive recently enhanced the SnowRunner experience through paid DLC. Season 2: Exploration and ExpansionBut now, off-road simulation is even more raging. This is because the mod is finally available on SnowRunner on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

You read it correctly and anyone playing on the console will be able to experience the diverse and high quality content brought about by the mods. There are already over 30 mod selections to get you started with, and Saber works with modders to keep them from the huge amount found in the PC version of SnowRunner, so you can look forward to a stable flow of new mods. These modifications range from vehicles and maps to small adjustments and drivable Mustachio octopuses.

Since its launch, SnowRunner’s huge sandbox environment and physics-based driving gameplay have seen talented and passionate mods thrive in their work. To date, over 5 million mods have been downloaded, and SnowRunner’s success thanks the infinite creativity of the mods community. And of course,, a mod platform that Sabre and Focus Home have partnered with from the beginning.

From now on, registered console players account You’ll find an all-new in-game mod browser. This makes it easy to explore the complete library of mods and enable them at the push of a button. This is very easy. Mods are a highly sought after feature of the community, and their arrival should be the beginning of an exciting future for us. SnowRunner On Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

An exciting era has arrived as more mods are emerging to enjoy the game. Please leave a comment below for your thoughts on this latest addition to SnowRunner.

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