So I have some good and bad news about Roku’s HBO button

I lamented after Sony shut down the PlayStation Vue streaming service earlier this year. It happened to be a fairly low rank on the list of the biggest issues in 2020, but we’ll be delivering both good and bad news in December of this year.

Recently I started using the Roku remote from another device, the Roku Ultra. Much like the Roku Streaming Stick + remote, but with a very large frame and feels like you have an old Twinkie (I don’t know if it’s a physical condition that Twinkie can achieve, but it works. You will understand). It also adds A and B buttons in strange positions. I don’t know what they’re doing, but they scare me because they’re new and different from what I’m used to. I have no intention of investigating the situation any further.

Above these two is a standard layout of four buttons that jump directly to the app. Both Netflix and Hulu are welcomed as such prominent streaming services. The third is for Sling, a service I haven’t subscribed to and only works as an ad. So that’s not great.But on the bright side, at least Exists, And I don’t resent it more than the continuous devastation that is the Vue button on other remotes.

Fourth-and here I started biting my nails. Because I’m a very worried person who can and will use any excuse to bite my nails-HBO Now. As you may or may not know, modern HBO naming conventions require Pepe Silvia-level research to understand. HBO Now is now obsolete. HBO Go is gone too. Instead, there is HBO Max. HBO Max has been frustratingly unavailable on Roku devices for months, but has recently changed. Fortunately, the streaming launch of Wonder Woman 1984 soon undermined the world.

Since HBO Now is gone, I wondered if there was another remote control with the relics of the past. Nervously, I pressed a button on the remote control like a sturdy snack cake and waited for a while, and the HBO Max splash screen appeared nicely. Happily, I raised my arms into the air and was excited about what would be the second best news of the year abandoned by this god, but suddenly I faced the app selection screen again. Confused, I pressed the button again and ran the same process, but this time after a quick glimpse of the HBO Max home screen, I returned to the main Roku menu. I manually selected the HBO max app and I didn’t have such issues.

So using the HBO Now button opens the correct app, but it crashes, and this year the button seems to be as useless as jeans and formal clothes that don’t show the zoom call screen. I admire Roku for appearing to recognize that HBO Max should open with the HBO Now button, but I’m disappointed with this bullying. We expect the Sling button to redirect to the appropriate app after Amazon has purchased everything in a few years.

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