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If there’s a team in the NFL that is solely responsible for the fact that Kirk Cousins ​​signed the Minnesota Vikings in 2018, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles. The Vikings were (un) famously blown away by backup quarterback Philadelphia Eagles in the 2017 NFC Championship Game, and when Carson Wentz returns under the center in 2018, the Vikings are almost unstoppable. It was thought that if they wanted to keep fighting, their attacks had to be upgraded quickly.

It’s strange how things change.

Neither the Vikings nor the Eagles will be in the postseason this year. Both are the seasons after playing in January. Wentz had never been an MVP-level man in 2017 and was put on the bench in a permanent move for newcomer Jalen Hurts.

The Eagles can’t cut Wentz because the dead cap money is too tight. But if they feel that way, they theoretically exchange Wentz for a team like the Vikings (a team that also has a quarterback to kill the deadcap space if the franchise is cut). can.

It’s what Adam Patrick of the Viking era beat around today. As he says correctly, the Eagles commit to Hearts and don’t need a quarterback, so perhaps a third team needs to be involved.

Should the Vikings be interested in Carson Wentz?

Money will work for the Vikings (long term), as Patrick explains:

“Despite only signing that major extension last summer, Wentz will actually cost less to Viking than his cousin. Philadelphia has already told Wentz a lot from his extension. Given the money, his average salary is only about $ 25 million a year for the team that wins him in the trade. “

The cousin will guarantee $ 45 million in 2022, the last year of the Viking contract. If purple decides to extend his cousin beyond that, the amount can vary. This is a strong possibility given how well my cousins ​​played goodbye (and future COVID caps potentially forcing their hands).

However, as you can see from, Wentz will have to pay more for the next two seasons.

Cousin contract:

Wentz Trading:

However, strictly speaking from a performance level, this move makes little sense because it is fatally efficient for cousins ​​to carry out Zimmer’s risk aversion attacks. The Vikings need a cousin companion because they don’t have a lot of red zone opportunities by design (in the world other than codeine eye drops, Zimmer’s favorite is a long, systematic, boring, predictable drive).

That’s unless, under Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers offer Diggs, whose Vikings couldn’t reject their cousins. Shanahan coached his cousin in Washington, DC, and has long been rumored to be obsessed with Kirk.

Again, it has to admit that the Vikings are basically years away from their reconstruction still bearing fruit, not even our most pessimistic feelings. The viking team has been so close this season despite the youthfulness of the ball’s defense, inexperience and injury. So it’s not homely to think that Bar / Kendricks / Hunter and Earrings could come back in 2021 and the Vikings could come back in the middle of things.

Warm and thick!

Adding a good left guard to the attack line will create a team that can do deep playoff runs. The other part of this is that trading for him doesn’t make much sense outside of the finances, as Wentz looks so bad.

On a scale of 1 to 100 in terms of feasibility? I give this 5

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So I’m coming to this. Wentz in Minnesota in 2021? So I’m coming to this. Wentz in Minnesota in 2021?

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