So your friends got all the next generation consoles except you

Now, on a lonely Tuesday or Thursday night (choose a console), on social media, all your friends are happy to share photos of the new next-generation console and talk about the new games they’re going to go to. I’m watching Go to play. Only the last hot pocket box to open is when preparing for a completely exciting night, not a next-generation console. Just like you, I failed to get the next generation console, so don’t worry. Not because I went crazy, but FB ads that Gucci decided to target me, even though my bank account didn’t agree to be the target audience for those ads I would say no, but because I didn’t feel the need to dive into this new one, as I did before, generations soon. But the fear of FOMO is a serious problem. That’s why we recommend ways to alleviate the symptoms of FOMO.

Live compensatory through someone else

First, did you consider the possibility of representing the next generation through others? You can easily throw a YouTube video of someone playing Demon’s Souls, grab the controller and pretend to be playing with them. If the video has commentary, treat it like a friend on the couch and act as if you were having a conversation. If you really want to enhance this experience, would you recommend buying a PS5 / XSX controller? $ 60 is much better for a wallet than $ 500.

Next Generation Mind Trick

If you want a more specific experience, why not get the PS4 version of Miles Morales? Say aloud the wonders of next-generation graphics as you play. “Wow, this ray tracing I’m definitely seeing is impressive. The grunt about being definitely DualSense and not Dualshock 4 is the unique experience I’m definitely experiencing right now. . “You simply moron When you start to think you’re playing with a next-generation console, you end up believing it. After all, the mind is powerful.

Don’t worry, I’ll get it back!

If you really need a real experience and want to live a little cheeky life, why not break into your friend’s house and “rent” a console? After all, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

We hope you find these recommendations helpful. When you finally get a PS5 or XSX and your friend laughs at you for being late for the party, you can easily flip it over with the classic “Thank you for beta testing the console for the loser” I will. Any conversation always looks like a winner.

So, Your Friends All Got A Next-Gen Console Except You

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