Soapbox: I don’t like playing scary games, but I like watching

As Halloween approaches, we all start thinking about our favorite creepy scary games and movies. Holidays are a great excuse to revisit some horror favorites or discover new ones. That is, unless you’re like me, I’ll go to the point of carving a pumpkin, but I want to eat a fair amount of sweets and be in bed at a wise time.

It’s no secret that I’m not a big horror fan in any way. I hate scary feelings. Perhaps the deepest digging into this genre was Bloodborne, full of nightmarish annoyances, yet I didn’t end it. I’m also a fan of the Last of Us series, and the human story defeats a fierce conflict with mushroom zombies. But these are in the suburbs of horror. I’m an old sissy and I really don’t like the idea of ​​playing things like Alien: Isolation or Resident Evil 7. It’s not for me. That’s fine.

But in the last few years I have had a more complex relationship with horror. This genre is very popular with YouTubers and streamers, and to be honest, I understand it. Watching someone else play a scary game dramatically eases the fear factor. This definitely destroys the points of what horror games are trying to achieve, but experiencing them compensatoryly in this way provides me with a way to satisfy my morbid curiosity.

For example, I’ve seen someone play the entire Resident Evil 2, a remake of the very famous PS4 since last year. By doing so, I was able to get angry with the tensions and horrifying scenarios that horror titles often see. Did you play it yourself? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed the fear and the idea that I’m always following Mr. X. Someone playing it for me is like a safety net — their commentary provides some relevance and a level at which I can deal with strength.

I think that experiencing games like this is a sacrifice for many game lovers, but I really enjoy it. Watching someone play gives you a glimpse of a great game that you would otherwise ignore. I know I’m missing out on a direct experience, but I play games to relax, have fun, and entertain. It doesn’t tear my nerves into small pieces.

I think that watching a scary game can lead to play. It’s unlikely at this point, but we’ll probably be pinning the Silent Hill restart like everyone else by next Halloween.

What do you think about this? Do you share Stephen’s stance on horror games? Are you watching a lot of games on YouTube or Twitch, or is it a big deal? Tell us some ghost stories in the comments section below.

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