Soapbox: Super Metroid has shown me that I have the right to exist

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The first experience with the Metroid series was relatively unobtrusive. Around the time I just bought a Super Metroid for SNES and a brand new SNES game was available at a local store.

I took the oversized box home and flipped through the shiny player’s guide and noticed something strange. The main character, Samus Aran, shown on the cover, wore a thick red and yellow armored suit shooting an angry monster whose head was full of teeth. Expressed as “she”. And it wasn’t a one-time typo. “She,” “she,” and “heroine” constantly appeared throughout the guide’s 70 pages, as if the character had explored this harsh planet and performed all the cool actions. The illustration was really a girl.

I checked the artwork again — no thick armor, no pyramid-shaped breastplates or cleavage windows. Not only did she carry a gun, but her entire right arm was wrapped in a cannon, apparently going on a serious sci-fi horror adventure alone …

I was shocked. Was Samus Aran a girl? Really??

No, it’s not perfect — Samus Aran Woman.

This revelation would have plagued us at the earliest in the summer of 1994. So at the time, I was an enthusiastic, almost teenage girl who was trying to find out where she belonged as a hobby without problems based on mainstream advertising. A big big gannet to hint at masturbation, a campaign for exclusive words, and not to point out too much about it.The game was by everyone For a man, And I could stay and accept that immutable fact or go back to the girl who should have liked my age (I should still like the girl-I’m that particular note I think I missed it).

At this time I had to learn to be generously grateful for things like Chun-Li and Blaze Fielding — and what did I complain about anyway? What more did I want because they were both able to fight and neither was wearing a pink dress?

At this time, I had to learn to be generously grateful for things like Street Fighter II Chun-Li and Streets of Rage Blaze Fielding. Both characters are cut from the same “fast but weak” cloth, both featuring “bonus” panty shots as part of a standard animation routine, both designed as a secondary choice for the game created. I am. Nothing — and what did I complain about anyway? What did I want more because they were both able to fight and didn’t wear pink dresses?

There are many ways to express what I wanted. Both “expression” and “equality” are convenient adult ways to frame it, but in reality they are the simplest and most complex. Fair.. I didn’t have to settle for the only option offered. Or I told myself that the character I was sitting on was “she wanted” and was wearing the least amount of clothes possible. The leather strap was a standard ninja outerwear.

I wanted Samus. Flying alone from the future, with a gun, bounty, thinking of spinning lava, shooting alien space pirates in the face, and escaping from a corpse-filled space station just before it explodes Hunter. Attention Opener — A prelude to a real adventure.

And that’s why Samus shocked me. Because she was fair.

There may not be much in common between a person who blows up the brains of a giant alien to live and a young girl who lives in the UK, and as the character goes, she is so covered and so quiet that it’s short. There was almost nothing but a fragment of the inside story in the guide, but through her I was a hobby I loved so much that I could see the future for myself, for women It was. She was an alternative that became a reality, and was at the forefront of the biggest one-person SNES game, rather than the thin technique of portraits of “warriors” in bikinis, an option for self-adventurous first-person RPGs. Business developer-publisher.

Samus proved that people like me could be something other than a castle princess, a hero award, or an adolescent boy’s pin-up fantasy.

Samus proved that people like me could be something other than a castle princess, a hero award, or an adolescent boy’s pin-up fantasy. People like me could trample in the rain of the alien world and draw vitality from us.Strange creatures in a hostile environment can navigate hidden vents and run very fast enemies. pop When we touched them, the soft walls collapsed in front of our unstoppable force.

But it was more than the exact opposite of being fast but weak. Samus wasn’t even there with the “Grrl” on your face. She wasn’t the embodiment of the “girl power” movement that began to wave in the mid-’90s, and she didn’t want my lover or I to be with her friends.She just quietly was.. She just proved to exist, blasted things with missiles, and did her best (again) to fight Ridley and die, which could be a good reason for her to be a woman. I kept it in mind, without excuses or explanations, or as a reluctant alternative to “real” heroes. If it was okay for Samus to be here and be uncompromising, I might have been okay too.

Of course, there are legitimate criticisms of the ongoing treatment of the series and its stars by Metroid, Samus, and Nintendo. The player’s reward for doing well in many classic Metroid games is to see Samus undressing and increasing. I feel this is in complete conflict with the self-sufficient Chozo-raised hunter who just cleared the game. The current characteristics are severely divided between “cleaning up the most dangerous threats to the galaxy yourself” and “whatever Adam commanded me in any situation”.

Super Metroid (67)

You have to wait for her to be portrayed in the next Metroid Dread, but when balanced, the series is more correct than wrong, and Samus himself feels like nothing else yet. Is Want For someone like me. A heroine not only in her own world, but also in our world.

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