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Antonio Conte told Christian Eriksen that he had to show more than his free-kick skills to establish his position at Inter.

Former Tottenham midfielder Eriksen has won a trademark set piece to settle the fierce Coppa Italia derby against Milan on Tuesday.

The Danish national team was naturally attacked by their teammates, and Conte then “loved” the players whose career at San Siro hadn’t been ignited since joining the Spurs 12 months ago. Said.

Nevertheless, he struck a more measured tone prior to his home game with Benevento on Saturday.

“Rugby has a player who is a kicker and set-piece specialist. He said when asked if Eriksen would start at a pre-match press conference.

“I want him to be involved in all areas, not just free kicks and set pieces.

“We know that Intel was suffering from free kicks until recently. Having a free kick specialist is an additional weapon.”

Conté is also reportedly keen on additional weapons under attack, but speculation that Alexis Sanchez may move in the opposite direction and Intel may sign the disadvantaged Roman striker Edin Dzeko. Refused to be too drawn into discussing.

“I’m not asking the club for anything. Let’s start by saying that,” he said.

“If anyone says so, it’s not. We have this team, and that’s how it is.

“It’s not the coach who always goes for players. I haven’t said much this season so far.

“Dzeko is a Roman player I respect. I also respect him.

“The situation is clear. This is our team and it’s the situation. If someone asks to go unhappy, it’s not.

“We make that player happy. Otherwise, I can’t foresee change.

“We know the situation we are in. We can’t create a situation that isn’t there. We need to focus on working hard.

“We need to look ahead and accept this situation in which we are.

“It’s not right to talk about things that can distract the side. I don’t want to distract the player.”

Regarding Sanchez, he added: “Sanchez is an interplayer and needs to stay focused.”

Conte will miss the bench because he is banning touchlines with Benevento. Top scorer Romelu Lukaku will also be suspended after winning his fifth reservation with Milan for the season.

It followed a fierce conflict with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which continued after the half-time whistle.

A veteran Milan striker was sent off for a second appointment after fouling Alexander Kolarov in the second half and having to deny allegations of racist abuse of Lukaku.

“It’s been talked about a lot,” Conte said.

“I don’t know, I’m not interested. My job is to be a coach and I’m focusing on that area.”

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Soccer is not rugby!Cool Conte Soccer News for Interderby Hero Eriksen Soccer is not rugby!Cool Conte Soccer News for Interderby Hero Eriksen

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