Soccer pros are concerned about FIFA using their portraits

According to reports by, thousands of professional soccer players are planning to oppose the use of their portraits in FIFA 21.

Earlier this week, AC Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic tweeted asking why his portrait was used in FIFA 21 because he is not a member of FIFPro. FIFPro is a global union initiative for football pros and is involved in selling image rights to players in member countries. Another pro, Gareth Bale of Tottenham Hotspur, Tweet At Ibrahimovic, I helped ask what FIFPro is and the hashtag “Time to Investigate”.

According to The Athletic, several other professional athletes will also add their voice to the callout as they feel their portraits are being used without proper consent, according to sources. The actual legality in this regard is slippery at best. Whether publishers can or cannot include based on image rights is based on the laws of various countries and their jurisdictions, but the rights are fixed fairly quickly as the game itself does not actually change from place to place. Will be done.

FIFPro is now obliged to sell image and portrait rights on behalf of players in Member States. If the player belongs to a team that is not a member of FIFPro, or if there is a special agreement with the union, the player retains the right to his portrait or is retained by the club, league or all federations. If the game wants to use these similarities, it must deal with the player or its club. Premier League clubs sell licenses for all video games together, with the exception of Serie A.

It’s difficult to track the legality of all of this, but there is precedent for players claiming victory over EA. Over the past summer, more than 450 players have gathered to fight and win EA caricature reproductions. As a result, EA Sports had to pay a total of about $ 6.5 million to recreate the athlete’s caricature in the game from 2005 to 2014. It is not yet known if such a victory will occur again this time.

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