Soccer, Tactics, Glory: Expansion of Soccer Stars Available on Steam

New Football, Tactics & Glory: The Football Stars extension is now available on Steam and features a new Giftedness mechanism, significantly improved transfers, and a wide range of statistics.

This extension has been named Football Stars to reflect one of the major new gaming mechanics, Giftedness. The more talented a soccer player is, the higher the level he can achieve and the more effectively he will use his skills in the match. This gives you even more control as you need to find new strategic approaches to building your ideal team. In addition, this mechanic also affects the gameplay of tactical matches. This is because players need to be aware of the talents of themselves and their opponents’ soccer players in different positions.

The transfer game mechanism has come to offer greater freedom and versatility in both the buying and selling of soccer players. Players can buy soccer players abroad and buy them directly, even if they are not on the forwarding list (although they will end up paying more!). Other clubs can ask players to sell the best soccer players for good money. In addition, there are new ways to pay players for soccer players. For example, a club can offer more than the asking price, but now you can pay half, and six months later you can pay half.

These features make the game world even more vibrant and engaging. Previously, the history of the game world was not saved, so players couldn’t really feel it. But now the game stores a huge amount of data about all tournaments, teams and soccer players. Players can view this data as interesting graphs, diagrams, history tables, and analysis reports. Players who enjoy studying statistics will love this feature.

In addition to these three features, Creoteam has added a huge number of enhancements and improvements. These include new specialized departments for soccer players, new staff, new club infrastructure, improved AI for enemy teams, new festive animations, and a reworked card system.

If you missed a review of Football, Tactics and Glory posted earlier this year, be sure to read it here. Players can try a free demo on Steam. If that’s what you’re enjoying, it’s now 50% off for $ 12.49 until November 18th. The game is also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

I’ve been playing some bad indie soccer games over the years, but this isn’t one of them. There is something that impresses me in almost every corner. The layout is simple and intuitive, and the editing features are top notch. The gameplay is simple enough to grasp, but deep enough to challenge as you progress. The only obvious issue with this title is the price. For nearly $ 40, this game will scare some people. It is also suitable for mobile games. Therefore, if you have a Nintendo Switch, we recommend that you purchase it on that platform, not on your PS4 or Xbox One. This is the kind of game that needs to be ground a bit and is suitable for mobile game systems and PCs where mods can be used to assist in team or player names.

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