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Social Media: Feeling Overwhelmed Productivity Killer | Rem

I’ve had some success in my life, but it’s far from perfect. Like you, I’m struggling with things.

Recently, I’ve noticed that my dependence on Facebook is getting worse. How about you? Did you find yourself wasting your time unknowingly scrolling through your social media feeds?

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To be clear, I’m not talking about using social media as an essential marketing tool for your business. You must be doing this absolutely. I’m talking about scrolling habits – a mind-boggling productivity killer.

It’s like thinking you can eat a tip from your bag. No! I scraped off the whole bag again. Do you have any more?

To overcome Facebook’s scrolling addiction, we decided to limit access several times a day to 10 minutes only from a laptop or desktop computer. I deleted the app from my smartphone. lost. eternally.

This eliminates the temptation to tap the app every time my day gets a little bored. I no longer think I can eat one chip from that family-sized bag.

Scrolling your social feed may seem harmless, and that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some good aspects. One of the nice things about Facebook for me is keeping up with the fun that’s happening with my friends. And I love having a “journal” of various events and trips that I’ve been to for years.

But lately, the good parts far outweigh the bad parts, and most importantly, the negativity itself. I’m tired of people grabbing each other with stupid disagreements and the chances of changing their minds are zero (I’m not down the rabbit’s hole thousands of times).

Recently, I also noticed a surge in AFG, which is a garbage advertisement. I’m embarrassed, but not proud to admit, but admit that I bought products from a sophisticated company on Facebook, received them, and literally dumped them in the trash.

It’s really fascinating that these companies can spend millions of professional ultra-sophisticated ads (along with hundreds of seemingly fake reviews), but they actually sell. It doesn’t seem to give two mousse berries about the product.

What a huge fake!

Note to all National Association of Realtors readers reading this: If you think you can “tell” the path to lasting success without actually being a great National Association of Realtors member, you Is completely wrong. In a business based on local relationships, your reputation is more important than anything else you have.

The biggest problem with social media is the overwhelming waste of time and reduced productivity. If it still seems harmless, it’s a good idea to track how much time you’ve spent “unknowingly scrolling” during the day. Then ask yourself, “What else did you do today at that time?”

The more you accomplish at work, the more you can spend more fulfilling time with your friends and family. That’s what trains my brain to focus on me. Less scrolling = quality time with others.

No one on their deathbed has said, “I want to spend more time working.” It’s true, but when you’re at work, you need to get things done. And keep this in mind. No one on their deathbed has said, “I want to spend more time unknowingly scrolling through social media feeds.”

I’m ready for change. I don’t have the habit of breaking easily, but I’m determined. How about you? Would you like to do it together? Just answer “yes” and we’ll send you some words of encouragement. We can do this together!

Yes, I read all the emails I receive and reply personally.

Social Media: Feeling Overwhelmed Productivity Killer | Rem Social Media: Feeling Overwhelmed Productivity Killer | Rem

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