Sokpop’s Pipo Park offers the last cozy autumn afternoon

We finally did that, everyone. 2020 is almost over. And while spring and summer felt ridiculously long, autumn seemed to pass in a blink of an eye. But with the Dutch East Indies boy band Sokpop, we’ll take us all on a cozy trip to the little sandbox in Pipo Park, so we can still enjoy the best season for a little longer. But please wrap it warmly. It’s pretty nippy.

The latest twice-monthly game by indie collective Patreon, Pipo Park is the highlight reel of its most spectacular and depressing time. The jacket is on after the leaves have fallen, the sun is low, and the long summer is hidden in the closet … oh, and a giant gnome emerges from the soil and is hungry.

Like its dog neighbor, Papper Park, Pipo Park is more like a toy sandbox than the game itself. The park itself is a cozy, enclosed space reminiscent of many lovely walks on a refreshing November afternoon. Certainly late autumn. The nearby pond is frozen and will slide illegally across it. But it’s not dark enough and not sleepy enough to cross the threshold in winter.

However, you don’t have to sit on a park bench and resign. There are many birds and rocks in Pipo Park that you can poke, produce, pick up and throw. Punting stones on a tree can cause football to come off. If you take the ball to a lonely kid on the pitch, you can have a spectacular old kick about. If you win, you may win stars and hearts that stop by the nightmare giants who live in the pits.

I’m sure there are other fun interactions like this, but I’m still not sure what happens when I collect hearts or stars to complete a filled gauge (and lurking behind a hanging cloud). I didn’t even know how to collect the stars). But more generally, Pipo Park is a great game to relax with hot tea and a nice scarf. It’s definitely the last gasping of autumn, as it’s definitely a long and bitter winter.

PipoPark is currently on sale on Itch for £ 3 / € 3 / $ 3 and could hit Steam in a week or so.

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Sokpop’s Pipo Park offers up one last cosy autumn afternoon

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