Solar Ash Review: Stylish skating with more tricks

People at Heart Machine are back in fold with the same space-based game as their action-adventure debut. Hyper Light Drifter.. Except this time, it’s not a top-down hack and slasher, but a stylish skate to save civilization on the brink of collapse. Solar ash Watch you flip the backs of giant monsters and knock them down as if you were doing exercise acupuncture. Yes, it holds something from its predecessor, and it’s a cool element. This is a cool game. It’s only good when you unchain you, but it doesn’t happen as often as I liked.

In Solar Ash, you play as a space skater Ray. Ray’s planet is sucked into a huge black hole called an ultra void. Usually you twist the knob of this big tower called Starseed, a little presto, you will save the planet from suction destruction.But for some reason, Starseed stopped working and Ultravoid especially I will talk this time. Something is wrong. So it’s up to you to challenge Ultra Void and see what’s cracking.

Ultra Void turned out to be “clogging” rather than “cracking”. A towering monster called the Remnant left this dark group scattered throughout the land. It’s up to you to get rid of this rot. How? By taking your blade and poking their eyes. The thing is that when you go proding, you don’t feel very good about it. It does not stimulate the celebration of delight even if you defeat these creatures, but rather the more guilty “sorry, big companion”, Shadow Of The Colossus. It’s not new, but I liked the way there was a thick layer of anxiety that underpins everything you do.

Still, you move forward. Then, in about 5-6 hours, move to a small number of increasingly complex areas and get rid of the remnants, whether you like them or not. By doing so, we hope to reactivate Starseed and permanently eliminate Ultra Dyson. However, it is not structured like an open world game. You can’t work on your favorite remnant from the beginning. Instead, you need to defeat one before unlocking the next one.

Defeating the Remnant will take you to the area of ​​Echo. Her reaction to the news that you are defeating these monsters only adds to the plot.

It’s not just about hopping the backside of these remnants, the Shadow of the Colossus style. In each area there are some corrupted spots where you can ping the HUD using a scanner. Only when you wipe them out will their resident boss come back to life. That is the rhythm of solar ash. Scan for damaged bits in each area, clear the damaged bits to awaken the boss, defeat the boss, move to another area and repeat.

It is a solid structure that is more harmful than good. The game hardly deviates from this loop. This makes things easier to digest, but in the end it’s a little the same. Sure, scattered across these areas are small side stories and collectable audio logs, all of which are about finding and activating three, four, or five things. Become. Let’s just say I had my fill by the last credit.

The real star of the game is a rollerblade movement through a shattered world, like a gazelle after the end. I used a controller because I felt it was much more intuitive than a mouse or keyboard. Grab the trigger on the left and you’ll move from gentle jogging to a great glide that gains momentum as you move forward. With the right trigger, you get this short nitrite boost, which gives you the extra courage to tilt the terrain. Easily my favorite is grappling hooks. Because I love grapples, right? Hit the right bumper and hit the floating ring with a fun snap.

Solar ash gets one ridiculously right thing, and it feels cool as a whole when skating around its gorgeous environment. They are all designed with your roller blades in mind and make big drops that bounce you into a ruined skyscraper. Flip through cracked slabs, like a supersonic trampoline player. You grind on rails and roll into dark crevices. Despite succumbing to black holes and big monsters, the world is a wonderful skatepark.

Solar ash gets one ridiculously right thing, and it feels cool as a whole when skating around its gorgeous environment.

It makes the pursuit of those scanned chunks of Remnant Mac a real treat. Not only will you be absorbed in each and every one of you, but you will also have more fun by looking at the scenery and connecting the correct routes. They’re only hard enough to present a challenge, but don’t let you get stuck for a long time, that’s what I thank.

Over time, the game will traverse the world and introduce new ways to reach the nasty parts of the Remnant Soup. It starts easily with rails that you can grind, but then it gets a little more complicated. As an example, you will eventually come across mushrooms of different colors, giving off a specific scent that clings to you for a short time when you hit them. Next, you need to stir and activate the corresponding mushrooms of the same color. This will open the door, etc. Later: More mushrooms with different properties. They stop by at a manageable pace and make some sweet skating times together. But some worlds will become so obsessed with them that they tire you. Occasionally, I just wanted to be released from their restraints and blow up some clouds for a short while.

Each area has several void logs hidden in hard-to-reach corners and crevices. As you manage the transportation of each zone, you will receive a new armor set. Some reduce the cooldown of the boost, while others allow you to regain the shield after defeating an enemy. I think they’re okay, but not so exciting.

However, adopting all Remnant Goops is a great way to flex your knowledge. They are time attacks in nature and must be torn and pierced through environmental puzzles before the timer expires. It is important to maintain momentum here. Each checkpoint needs to be sliced ​​to reset the timer and stay alive, and the overall design has true elegance. They’re also a fun way to measure how far your skating skills have progressed, and I never lost the topic of nailing it in the first attempt.

This energetic expectation is even higher when you finally take on the Remnant boss who lives in the area. First of all, they are giant creatures that roam the land in a spectacular way. Bone snakes, giant giants, violent spheres the size of an upside-down planet. To take down one, you need to find a place for their body that you can work on. Once that’s done, you’ll be back to slicing checkpoints and wrestling. Only this time, I’m slipping on the back of the beast. Move over Shadow Of The Colossus with slow, clumsy movements. How boring. We have solar ash here and are flipping and shit. The music swells and the checkpoints burst … you’ve never been so hard in your life.afterwards Squelch, That is one weakness. Two more. But the real battle has just begun.

As you can see, each remnant has three phases, each of which releases more of its armor. This means that there are fewer and less safe places to work. The checkpoints will be wider, the routes will be windier, and the floors will be lava. But tinkering with things doesn’t make Solar Ash so frustrating. You can lose one of Ray’s armor cores, but you can replenish it by breaking a nearby box. Also, it only takes a few seconds to get back up and swing things again.

It’s all nice, but I wish Solar Ash had more of these moments outside Boslan. You can certainly get a glimpse of it, but its structure is so stubborn that it tries to limit the flow of its own movements. You only get on the Organic Express a few times. Otherwise, when understanding the next fungal puzzle, it’s a lot of stops and starts.

It may be a bit tough here, because the solar ash works great and wants more ways to roam its waste. Don’t expect to ride one fluid joy, but when it comes together, it’s really impressive. After a few hours of skating with Slicin, I think it’s worth tying those blades.

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