Solasta: Magister’s Crown is discounted on Steam Autumn Sale

Baldur’s Gate 3 has received a lot of attention, but it’s not just the Dungeons & Dragons games that hit Steam Early Access this fall. Solasta: There is also the Crown of the Magister. A game using the D & D 5.1 Standard Reference Document, available on Steam Autumn Sale.

Solasta aims to bring the Dungeons & Dragons desktop experience to your PC monitor. It’s not set in an officially licensed D & D world like the well-known Forgotten Realms, but it adheres to the latest 5th edition rules on combat. And character management. This means taking the initiative and making careful decisions when leveling up.

Solasta also has a dynamic environment that responds to user behavior. Wooden bridges can collapse if you hit the right place with a damaging spell, allowing you to defeat stone walls and create new tactical opportunities. Developer Tactical Adventures encourages players to think in 3D during combat, as actions are not limited to the level plane.

Solasta: With the purchase of the base version of the game, the Crown of the Magister is now 15% off on Steam for $ 29.74 / £ 23.79. Purchasing the Supporter Edition adds benefits such as high resolution concept art and new dice, and gives you 20% off discounts.

For more information on the RPG game that first appeared on Steam in October, see the Solasta: Crown of the Magister Early Access review. The developers say they plan to release a full version of the game in 2021.

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