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sold out! Treehouse Dreams-Living Room Real Estate

Around mid-July, I went to a social media tree house vendor. I posted 3 selected wooded houses on Instagram. Sure, I do! They have something exciting and extraordinary. Maybe it’s reminiscent of childhood play, or it may be the majestic wisdom of the tree itself. Anyway, I’m not the only one who loves a good tree house.

In less than a week, my client wanted to see the crown jewels of a wooden house in Portland Heights. This is what I have admired since it hit the market. The house was overlooked by buyers because it was difficult to display access and the photos were cluttered (list preparation, people!). Well, these lucky and lasting clients are now $ 150,000 off their original list price!

Manifest Fuha turned out to work. Congratulations to my dear clients.

Sophie Ragsdale

Broker | Earth Advantage | ADU Specialist


Sophie offers thoughtful strategy and in-depth knowledge of the Portland Metropolitan market. If you are a first-time homebuyer, Sophie will be there at every stage to educate you about the homebuying process and, most importantly, create a winning offer for you. If home buying and selling is an old hat, she is a good collaborator, a brave seeker of creative solutions, abundant in information and resources, and constantly calming down in a given storm. .. Sophie uses both intuition and intelligence to skillfully negotiate any transaction for effective purposes. She gets what her clients need. Born and raised in Portland, Sophie is the fifth generation of Oregonians who has a lifelong passion for real estate. She loves the unique challenges of every transaction and the relationships she makes along the way. After graduating from Vassar College in New York, she realized she enjoyed the hustle and bustle of life in Brooklyn, where she lived and worked for over a decade. In addition to real estate, Sophie works as a journalism and social worker, specializing in helping older people in the housing crisis. Sophie’s personalized service experience has prepared to provide clients with grounded space between potentially violent vehicles for buying and selling homes. She helps clients get the big picture while staying focused on the task at hand. Her ability to think creatively benefits her, whether it’s problem-solving during the negotiation process or marketing real estate for sale. But she is not a pushover. Her two years at the Corcoran Group’s Brooklyn and Manhattan real estate were particularly formative in honing her trading skills. Sophie appreciates the importance of the Home, a perfect balance between East Coast determination and West Coast cold. Time comes When to uplift You greet yourself when you arrive At your own door, at your own mirror And each other will smile at each other’s welcome -Derek Walcott

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sold out! Treehouse Dreams-Living Room Real Estate sold out! Treehouse Dreams-Living Room Real Estate

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