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There is no doubt that the Laver Cup is a successful experiment. The event, devised by Roger Federer and his manager Tony Godsick, has been a huge success, despite the lack of the Big Three, and has now reached its fourth edition (ongoing in Boston).

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played very little in 2021 due to their respective injuries, but Novak Djokovic has dismissed the terrible disappointment he suffered at the US Open. Just one step from the “Calendar Grand Slam”, the number one in the world was hit by the amazing Daniil Medvedev and collapsed, no match for Rod Laver.

If he had won in New York, a 34-year-old woman from Belgrade would have overtaken her eternal rivals Roger and Rafa and were promoted to 21 majors. Like the Ryder Cup in golf, the Laver Cup allows players to compete in the same team, unlike in other years.

In a long interview with CNBC, Godsick revealed some more details about the origin of the Laver Cup.

Laver Cup God Chic

“As Roger Federer said, we wanted to do something to honor Rod Laver and his fellow Burnstormer.

The Laver Cup, like the Ryder Cup, allows players who normally face each other to team up and compete under the same flag. Federer’s manager also revealed that all 2021 Laver Cup tickets were sold out, as were the previous three editions of the tournament.

“So we were really into the Ryder Cup and loved what they were doing. I thought it would be great if our rivals became teammates,” Gothic added. “Usually, other events show country-to-country, which gives rivals the opportunity to belong to the same team.

We sketched it on a piece of paper, and the format works fine. Fortunately, this is the fourth sold out since its start in Prague and people love it. It’s great to have the opportunity to join the team on the weekends as the players get together and kill every day on the tour. “

This is the first time the “Big 3” has been missing from this event. Since the event was held in 2017, it has been a big attraction for fans. Both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have been injured this year. Federer missed most of the season due to knee problems.

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“Sold out without Roger Federer,” says top manager. “Sold out without Roger Federer,” says top manager.

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