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Greg Watkin has a 25-year history of using vehicles from the Toyota Hino family, which began on-site welding behind the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Since their early days, businesses have evolved to adapt to the changes brought about by different situations and market opportunities.

Brisbane is home to many “Queensland” style homes, and as they grow older, many owners choose to replace the original wooden stanchions with structural steel.

Many also take advantage of the opportunity to make major renovations by “building” additional rooms and spaces under the house.

Occasional floods in the area around the Brisbane River have increased the chances of future floods disappearing, if possible, by physically raising the water level in the house.

Greg’s business, Brisbane Post and Beams, currently employs approximately 25 people, supplying steel structural parts to builders and refurbishers, mostly in the domestic residential category, as well as large ones. We provide steel parts necessary for architectural design houses and small commercial buildings.

“Everyone now wants an open-plan life that requires a lot of big beams. Over the years, they have moved away from spans of up to 6 meters and are now shipping more than 9 meters. “I will,” he says. “We are supplying more and more steel parts due to the lack of lumber.”

Greg Watkin.

The Hino truck operated by Brisbane Post and Beams has expanded its chassis to accommodate these increased lengths.

The latest truck is the 2021 Hino 500 Series FE1426 standard cab model, fitted with a 9 meter tray to carry the full length beam. The Palfinger truck-mounted crane was Brisbane Post and Beams’ first remote-controlled crane. “”

This truck is a little bigger than what we usually get, carries extra tons, and the crane stretches a little more, “says Greg. “Many of our products are long and thin, so we don’t have much weight, so we did that. For a single-family home, we’re lucky to have a few tons.”

Standard safety features of the Hino 500 series include adaptive cruise control, vehicle stability control, antilock braking, lane departure warning, and reverse view, as well as safety eye, autonomous emergency braking, and pre-collision detection. Includes a warning system. camera. The driver has airbag protection.

The Standard Cab 500 is supported on the 2020 Hino 300 Series 721 models equipped with the Palfinger crane.

The 2014 Hino Dutro is on hand to carry out urgent tasks. One of the purposes of performing deliveries using your own truck is the benefit of maintaining control over your end users.

Operating from the Everton Hills base in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, the Brisbane Pauls and Beams Track covers a vast delivery area that occasionally travels from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and past Ipswich to Toowoomba. ..

Trucks cover 60,000 to 100,000 kilometers annually and are used by third-party carriers to deliver products to more remote locations. A few years ago, Greg bought a non-Hino truck. “But I soon realized I made a big mistake. I had it for only three and a half years, so I got rid of it. It wasn’t a good track at all, so I went back to Hino. Please, “he recalls.

The reason for choosing the Hino brand for his truck is very simple.

“They’re good, they’re reliable, and they seem to hold their value,” says Greg.

The business also includes custom manufacturing of steel products such as gates and awning frames to meet the specific requirements of the customer, providing rapid turnaround. In addition to steel posts, Brisbane Post and Beams also manufactures the included brackets, custom steel stair stringers and landings.

It can also supply the necessary hardware such as bolts and tension wires. Steel components are primarily made of “Super Gull” material, which Greg considers to have the thickest internal and external anticorrosion coatings on “Pregal” steel pipes.

The finished product can also be subjected to a hot dip galvanizing or powder coating process to increase the level of protection and give it an attractive finish. Raw steel products can be shotblasted to remove scale and rust before priming.

Greg is continually upgrading its business with state-of-the-art technology equipment, including state-of-the-art plasma cutting equipment, which increases efficiency while improving component dimensional accuracy.

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Beam Drill Line provides a highly accurate and durable laser system for mounting arrangements of all holes and all weld components. Prices have repeatedly risen due to steel demand over the past few years.

Hino 300721.

“The cost of timber is also rising,” says Greg. “I think it’s just a shortage because of the growing demand for renovations. Steel mills in places like Whyalla don’t seem to produce as much as they used to.”

He has so far cited a total increase in steel prices of about 40 percent this year alone.

“If I knew the work was happening, I was trying to keep the price for a couple of months, but now I can’t promise anything because I know the price will go up again,” Greg laments. .. Despite the pandemic, the business thrives on the soundness of its purchase order. Greg was willing to accept the government’s immediate depreciation of assets, but that incentive was only one of several factors in the decision to buy a new Hino.

“The old one was about 6 years old, and I’ve come to realize that I’m probably having some minor problems,” he says.

“Also, ten years later, we need to take an X-ray of the crane. It was a great truck, but it’s time to update it.”

The new FE has basically the same configuration as Greg’s previous FD model.

“At some point we had two FDs and we had a bit of a problem with the crane we were wearing. We found that the weight of the front axle was causing the tires to wear,” explains Greg.

“But this FE is a heavier truck and more powerful on the front axle. It can carry about 800 kg and doesn’t sound too much, but its additional capacity is equivalent to additional deliveries per trip. There is a possibility that we have a slightly larger crane now, but a ton of lift will make it a much stronger truck. “

Greg is currently thinking of stopping being involved in the operation of the company since it was founded. His son Tom is stepping up to take on the role of overall management. “Tom started sawing from the bottom here and is now in charge of production,” says Greg.

“Some of our staff have been here for 20 years. As we enter a new generation and as people retire, young people take over their work opportunities.”

Brisbane Post and Beams has built its reputation and success for a quarter of a century by focusing on quality and service as differences. This is a philosophy that is somewhat similar to the selection of Hino trucks.

Solid foundation-Prime Mover Magazine Solid foundation-Prime Mover Magazine

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