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Manchester United face rival Manchester in the Carabao Cup semifinals at Old Trafford on Wednesday night

Unlike the year before the League Cup semi-finals consisted of two legs, this year it will be one tie to decide who will play in the long-awaited Wembley final.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer provided up-to-date information about the team’s well-being before the match, and only one player was injured as the situation worsened. However, Edinson Cavani is also out due to suspension.

The injured player is not a surprise to anyone.

“I’m disappointed that Edinson isn’t involved. Perhaps he’s the only one, and Phil Jones has been out for a very long time.” Solskjaer said via Manchester Evening News.. “There are only two choices. This is a good situation.”

Whatever about Jones, we’ve come to expect him to go missing weekly at this rate, but the Cavani case is really disappointing.

Uruguayans were recently handed a three-game ban, a £ 100,000 fine, and requirements to complete racist education after using the term “Negrito” on Instagram. He used the term in response to a congratulatory message from a friend after leading the Red Devils to a comeback victory with Southampton.

Solskger was also asked about the importance of the Carabao Cup after reaching the semifinals last season and losing to the City.

He added: “It’s always a good question. How important it is, and then I can ask very much. The next match is always important. The semifinals are the chance to reach the final, the next round. For this team, this Is a huge step forward and has made great strides in the last 12 months with the trophy. Not only have you learned to win the semifinals since the last semifinal, but you have no excuses with confidence in the shape. , Acquired the right to complete the performance.

“Of course, you play soccer and win a trophy. If you win, you move on to the next trophy, but you play soccer to get the trophy, which gives you the desire to win more. The team is focused and ready to try it out. Suitable for this game. “

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Solskger disappointed with the lack of Cavani in Manchester Derby Solskger disappointed with the lack of Cavani in Manchester Derby

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