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Some Bitcoin, Housing and Technology Crash: Investor Rich Bernstein

Cryptocurrencies, housing and disruptive technology stocks that have led to innovation may be plunging.

According to Institutional Investor Hall of Fame Rich Bernstein, the country’s expired monetary easing policy and historic supply chain backlog pose serious risks to some of the most popular investments in the market. increase.

Richard Bernstein Advisors CEO and CIO told CNBC:Trading country” on Wednesday. “There is a bubble in long-term assets.. It’s a common theme. “

Bernstein Cryptocurrency Warning Especially applicable to Bitcoin.. He said insatiable demand is a typical sign of a bubble.

He speculates that the meltdown could resemble a tech bubble. Even if we invested in the Nasdaq 100 on December 31, 1999, it took 14 years for the Nasdaq 100 to reach the break-even point.

Housing is also above his watchlist.. In a tweet on Tuesday, Bernstein warned that rising house prices were beginning to make the housing bubble in the mid-2000s look fairly modest.

“”[Home prices are] “Currently, it’s accelerating more than we saw during the housing bubble,” said a CNBC contributor. “The current rate of change is higher than what we saw during the 2005 housing bubble. 6” , 7, 8 “.

His other major risks are related to the turmoil at the port and its bullish impact on inflation. Bernstein considers it a serious problem and He warned about a “trading nation” last April Investors were not well prepared for it.

He believes the risk of hyperinflation is very low, but he believes Inflation higher than consensus Very likely.

“They don’t stay this high. But where do they settle? Do they settle to a consensus of 2 to 2.5%, or do they settle to 3% or 3.5% or 4% or 4.5%? You I think it’s treated as follows: Over / Under Bet for now. “

And Bernstein argues that supply chain backlogs are likely to remain in the investor’s spirit for years.

“It’s important to recognize that the supply chain turmoil we see lasted longer than the 1973-74 oil embargo,” he said. “It was only four months of oil supply turmoil, which changed the way people think about inflation over the next decade.”

“There is a world of opportunity there.”

Instead of long-term assets, Bernstein recommends owning inflation-promoting assets.He noticed that they were “terribly underinvested” energy, material When industry stock.

“People were very, very short-sighted in seeing disinflationary assets,” Bernstein said. “Now there is a world of opportunity. Outside of this tiny little bubble sector of tech innovation turmoil, cryptography, and the like, there is now a world of opportunity.”


Some Bitcoin, Housing and Technology Crash: Investor Rich Bernstein Some Bitcoin, Housing and Technology Crash: Investor Rich Bernstein

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