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The· Wrestling world Still in process Sudden loss of John Hoover, also known as Brodie Lee, fka Luke Harper.. We will probably do it for a long time to come.

If you are happy with it, one of the things we can do is celebrate his work. Hoover loved wrestling and was very good at all its elements. You can’t mistake his match, promotion, or segment clips like Lee and Harper. However, some online wrestling enthusiasts have put together some great compilations to get you started.

TigerDriver9x Curates this playlist for everything from full matches to non-character interviews, from Hoover’s era with independent promotions such as Power and CZW to WWE executions ( WWE “Greatest Moment” Video), In his very short time with AEW.

If you want to laugh and cry instead of other kinds of crying Many of us have been doing it since Saturday night, TIL wrestling All of his appearance as a noble man of the Dark Order Being an elite Together in one video. I’m happy.

For the man’s own celebration Big E Twitter It was a wonderful monument that sounded like one of the best friends we all wanted so far.

I forgot to say the important thing, but if you want to be specific, EC3 and CM Punk have done something that should help Amanda Hutter and her and John’s two sons, respectively.

update: Mick Foley has joined …

However, even if you are processing this, you do not have to handle it alone. Use the space below to share your Brodie Lee memories. And we generally use the web to spread our love for one thing we all had in common with men: the weird and wonderful art form / business known as professional wrestling.

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Some great ways to remember Brodie Lee Some great ways to remember Brodie Lee

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