Some of us have an account system and a larger map

There’s a new update among us, which is pretty minor, but the patch notes highlight some huge additions coming in future patches. The latest Steam update promises some major changes just around the corner, including an ongoing account that facilitates matchmaking.

The latest update includes some fixes and the option to vote anonymously, but no really big changes are planned. When the account comes into the game in December, players will be able to track their progress more accurately and eventually create a friends list. Developer Innersloth says the system will be “a little minimal” at first, but will improve in the future.

Even more exciting is the promise of a new map on the horizon. According to a Steam update, this is “Henry Stickmin themed” and will be larger than Polus. The map is completely free and comes with various tasks for the player to complete. There’s no more information, but it’s good to know that it’s coming.

Additional translation and localization, as well as support for color blindness are underway. This current patch has a “first pass” to support color blindness, but more work is underway.

Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez recently streamed between us with some friends-it was pretty cool what happened.

再生中: AOCは私たちの間で遊ぶ-ストリームからの最高の瞬間


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