Some PS5 Digital Editions are shipped with Blu-ray drives

In the extreme case of getting more than you paid, there are multiple reports of the PlayStation 5 digital version shipping with a Blu-ray drive. The two models of Sony’s next-generation system are the same in terms of hardware, but the platform holder offers a cheap alternative for those who want to buy software from the PS Store. Learn more about the differences between SKUs, PS5 Digital Edition and Standard PS5: What’s the difference?

But last week, there were reports that PS5 Digital Editions with Blu-ray drives shipped, and I’ve seen more examples appear, like this post on Reddit.

PS5 PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 2

And this post twitter:

Aside from aesthetics, no one will be disappointed that they didn’t receive the PS5 Digital Edition. In fact, it improves trading with the standard PS5 and saves about $ 100 in the process. I think we’ll see more of this in the second half of the week when it goes on sale in Europe. Some people are lucky, right?

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