Someone found an unreleased Green Lantern SNES game

With a video game historian YouTuber Liam Robertson, With the help of fellow game historian Frank Gasking, found a prototype cartridge that was never fishing and was never released Green lantern Ocean Software games. And fortunately, they were able to run the game and see what happened.

The story behind this prototype cartridge, the studio behind the game, and its three (!) Different versions are fully covered by a new short documentary from. Did you know the game..

Back in 1991, Ocean software Started working with the first version of Green lantern game. The studio succeeded in creating other DC games and planned to develop games for Amiga and other gaming PCs of the era. But a few months later, the project was shelved. Then, in 1993, using the assets and technology of other games completed by the studio, Green lantern It was resurrected. This time it was developed for the SNES and features a platform and flight.

Eventually, after more changes and more delays, Ocean Software eventually canceled the game and permanently canceled another DC game that the studio was working on.

However, Thanks to Frank Gasking, The author and historian behind the book “The Games That” Didn’t “, we can get a glimpse What it looked like before the final version of the game under development was canceled..

This last version has moved to a more action-focused design, using the ring as a mere projectile weapon rather than a tool, as in previous versions of the project. This version looks good andBeing more accurate with respect to the source material, including lines cut from the comics, Ocean Software felt that the SNES was on the way and decided to cancel the project instead of investing more money and resources. did.

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