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Muhammad Ali, which stands on Sonny Liston after the Phantom Punch, is one of the most iconic images in the history of sports, as well as the entire history of photography. It was taken by a man named Neil Leifer who bought the first camera for the money to make shining shoes on the streets of New York City. He took a sports photography break while working as a wheelchair attendant at the Giants Stadium. So he sneaked into the field in the 1958 NFL final under the guise of an official photographer, snapping the touchdown that won the game. It has become known as “the best game ever”. He was then responsible for not only the pictures of Ali / Liston, but also the pictures of Ali / Williams taken from the rafters, and Williams was laid flat on the canvas. In many respects, he is Muhammad Ali in sports photography.

When thinking about the story behind the most fascinating photographs of sports, we always tend to think of the story in front of the lens rather than behind it. So someone should make a game about sports photography.

I play big sports games every year. This year I’m going to review NBA 2K21, Madden 21, FIFA 21, and by preparing screenshots for each review, I’ve become my Neil Leifer. Sports games actually look pretty ugly in general play. The screen is constantly undermined by stamina meters, clocks, run markers, sponsorship, and many other UIs that hinder the vivid and clean boot-on-ball appeal of the sport. Since it is a photo, I mainly use the photo mode.

As fans of these series (or actually sports games) will notice, these games do not have a photo mode. Titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2, Ghost Of Tsushima, Bucket Road, etc. offer detailed photo modes with unique and interesting features, but FIFA and others still There is only an instant replay button. It hasn’t changed much in 20 years. Using it to take pictures is like trying to become a professional sports photographer with a second-class camera. For example, it is a type that can be purchased with the money of shoe shine.

Leifer was famous for his unusual approach and risk-taking, and that’s his energy you have to turn to to get great shots in recent sports games. You might not have had to climb the rafters at the Houston Astrodome, but now you’ve managed to use the slightly different zoom and roll features of each game, hiding the annoying ubiquitous player markers in NBA 2K and Madden. I practiced trying to do so, and I have a much higher reputation for which stadiums are the most photogenic. St. James’s Park is a spectacular sight to run down your wings on a clear night with the gallow gate lights shining behind you.

While trying to take the best pictures, my thoughts are “Isn’t it great to take pictures in a football game?” Become a photographer In a football game. ” Very close to the action, it captures the story and creates its own story each time the light bulb flashes. Sports photography is an underrated art form, an important part of the history of beautiful games, and there are also thousands of ugly games. Yes, the sports game’s pseudo-photo mode is the worst, but more than that, the sports photography technology itself deserves all the gratitude it can get.


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