Somerville is the next game by Inside co-creator

Sheriff Sayed
June 14, 2021 09:20 GMT

Somerville looks like something that could have been created by Playdead, if not.

Somerville It was announced on the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase with a chilling trailer.

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Somerville is the first project of JumpShip, a studio founded in 2017 after Playdead co-founder Dino Patti left. Of course, Playdead is responsible for Limbo and Inside, and you can quickly see the lineage in JumpShips’ new game.

Since this is the first good view of Somerville, there are many mysteries about what it is. From the trailer, you can see that it’s a side-scrolling atmosphere about a family in some kind of war zone. The character’s movements and animations are once again reminiscent of the inside.

Interestingly, the family and their dog are traveling together in the game world. This could mean that it’s a big change from Playdead’s normal bachelor adventure, and that they need to be guided / protected from danger.

Somerville is dedicated to the Xbox console and will be available on the Xbox platform and PC in 2022. Also, like most games in Showcase, it will be available on the Xbox Game Pass (console, cloud, PC) at launch.

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Somerville is the next game from Inside co-creator

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