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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta said “something has to change” to stop Steve Bruce’s abuse during Newcastle United’s reign.

Bruce left Newcastle on Wednesday with mutual consent after losing to Tottenham 3-2 in his 1,000th match as manager.

The 60-year-old then ran into the abuse he suffered during his reign, issuing a statement revealing that it could be his last role in management.

Arsenal’s head coach says Bruce should have been treated with more respect and wants a “round table” discussion to prevent others from experiencing the same kind of suffering.

“I was really sad after reading that statement from Steve,” Arteta said at a press conference Thursday.

“You’re talking about someone who has been in the game for over 40 years as a player and manager and manages over 1,000 games. He’s that kind of experience and that level of expertise. Says you’re struggling with the game of the situation.

“So I think we need to embrace certain things, reflecting what we can’t take for granted. What we want to improve for our supporters, fans, stadiums, facilities and broadcasts. Anything is here to improve and change them like any other rule.

“Why don’t we have an open table to discuss how we can do that because we think we have to think about it? One of the most experienced managers in English history I’m telling you that. You can’t just ignore it. To me, it’s a very serious statement and it has to change. It has to start changing. “

Arteta added: [about] You don’t have to study what you see and how you judge people, “Arteta continued. “You don’t even have to be able to play soccer.

“You can just give a strong opinion, and that’s it. You talk about chemistry, you don’t do it. You talk about law, case law, you have to study Does not have that opinion, and you say nothing.

“But you can say anything about football, which is good because it creates discussion and opinion, but beyond that boundary it really gets harder.

“It’s a man, a family, his loved one, the environment, and I think we have to reflect on it. I’m really impressed with the frank explanation of how he felt. Received, and I didn’t like it. “

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Something Needs to Change-Arteta Condemns Bruce’s Abuse Something Needs to Change-Arteta Condemns Bruce’s Abuse

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