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Rafael Nadal, who won the Grand Slam 20 times, hasn’t remembered this season for a long time. He has won two ATP titles, dealt with injuries and ruined his top two or top three chances. Nadal decides to skip the remaining top two. A season of foot injuries affecting him since the semifinals at the French Open.

Rafa then chose to play just two games in Washington, ending the season, healing his feet and regaining strength in 2022. Aspiring to fight for a great title, Nadal was receiving foot treatment in Barcelona. I started practicing again at my home in Mallorca.

The Spaniard will be working on his games and fitness in the coming months, hoping that he will feel better and return to 100% before next season and the Australian Open. As already mentioned, Nadal won two ATP titles in 2021, but it wasn’t what he wanted most after Roland Garros lost to Novak Djokovic for the third time in the semi-finals.

The Spaniards have missed most of the second half of 2021 but still outperform their closest rivals, so they have to finish the season in the top 10 for 17 consecutive times.

Rafa leaves no stones in his recovery

Rafael Nadal recently revealed that he could not provide a time frame to return to action, but claimed that he was working hard to regain full health.

“I want to recover from my injury and get back to the best of my condition,” Rafael Nadal was reportedly told by Herald. “I don’t know when I’ll play again. I work a lot every day. I have a clear roadmap and very clear goals and follow a specific plan.”

However, Nadal did not shed any further light on his purpose, believing that some factors were beyond his control. He added that he left no stones for his recovery and expressed his hope of being able to play at a high level.

“I don’t say what the goal is,” Nadal added. “Sometimes I’m out of control 100%, so I have a clear idea of ​​what my goals are in my head, and I believe things will be like this. A positive course where you can try to compete.

Every day I try a lot to recover when I first recover and then when I’m ready to play again in perfect condition. In 2018, a storm struck Sant Llorenç de Caldasar, flooding the island. Nadal volunteered to clean up the city.

In particular, he invested more than any other country to restore the city. And Saint-Lulence praised him for adopting Nadal.

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“Sometimes you can’t control 100%” “Sometimes you can’t control 100%”

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