Sonic Frontiers: Everything we want you to know

This year is a big year for Sonic the Hedgehog. The Bluebler and Sega mascots have already got a sequel to a big-budget movie and are preparing for an editing game, but this year’s highlight seems to be Sonic Frontiers-some of Sonic’s greatest talents of the past. An ambitious new 3D Sonic project game that boasts. So far, the details of the new Sonic game aren’t enough, but more is expected as we’re ready to speed up for the late 2022 release. Here’s everything we know from Sonic Frontiers, and everything we want to see.

New “Open Zone” Sonic

The new Sonic game appears to make fun of the Breath of the Wild atmosphere in the first image, showing Sonic standing on a cliff overlooking a vast land. This points to the direction of the game, which Sega calls an “open zone inspired” approach.

Playing: Sonic Frontiers Trailer Revealed | Game Awards 2021

Instead of a series of stages for Sonic to speed up, Sonic Frontiers will be held in the Starfall Islands. The new area is a vast open world area consisting of forests, waterfalls and deserts. Early teasers showed off several environments, along with encounters with giant bosses. Sega doesn’t elaborate on how traditional sonic elements such as rings, bonus stages, and boss battles work within this new context.

Aim for height

Sega clearly intends to make this a Prestige Sonic game. The structure of the open world represents a major ocean change in Sonic games. And we hope that the review score matches that ambition. In a recent Q & A session with investors, Sega CEO Haruki Satomi and CFO Koichi Fukaza were asked about the company’s goals for game quality. Executives said the team is working hard to improve the quality of the game, get high review scores, and release “necessities”.

Of course, many games aim for high scores. Developers and publishers do not intentionally unexploded ordnance. However, it is unusual for Sega executives to set this kind of ambitious goal, especially publicly.

Developer Developer Developer

As long as Sega wants Sonic Frontiers to be a huge success, it has put some of its most skilled Sonic developers into the project. Sonic Team Japan is developing a project led by Morio Kishimoto. Kishimoto was the director of Sonic Lost World, Sonic Forces and Sonic Colors. The latter is well-received by the fan community and requires a recent re-release on the latest platform.

Release date

Sega does not outline the specific release date of Sonic Frontiers. So far, the release window is only in late 2022.

Downloadable content

Sega has not announced downloadable content or other post-release support plans for Sonic Frontiers.

What we want

I have to go early

Speed ​​is a big part of Sonic’s identity, but I would like to see how the idea is expressed in the context of this new gameplay. 2D games tend to ping pong Sonic around the stage and can barely catch up with obstacles, while 3D games are more behind-the-scenes racing with some prosperity to stay stylish. I am using a game style. Placing the character in an open world presents new opportunities and challenges for his signature speed. In this game you will feel the freedom to zoom from one place to the next at a blazing speed while finding ways to avoid losing momentum with random obstacles.

Sonic only please

The extended cast of Sonic’s animal companions is responsible for much of the non-uniform quality of the series. And that criticism isn’t always fair-hey, leave Big the Cat alone, he didn’t hurt anyone-but nevertheless such a vast cast It’s true that you can make the game feel unfocused and distract from what it’s supposed to be. To make Sonic different: his speed. This open world can be a difficult concept to identify with just one playable character, so don’t dilute it with others. Major characters such as Tales and Knuckles may appear, but the game needs to focus head-on on Sonic.

Go to super sonic

Open world games are great, but the same pace and design can lead to empty conclusions. If Sonic intends to enter such an area, do something big for the last act that makes it memorable and unique. For example, you can make a big difference in the landscape with a crashed Death Egg, or unlock Supersonic and take advantage of a whole new traversal tool. This makes the game feel like it’s heading towards the climax rather than staying flat.

Weapon deterioration

It’s a joke, isn’t it?

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