Sonic the Hedgehog prototype discovered

It’s been 30 years since Sonic the Hedgehog was first released. But this week, there were big discoveries related to the game. No matter how long it’s been since its launch in 1991, new prototypes have arrived online.

Here are some notable changes in favor of Mondo Mega:

– There is no “SEGA!” Chant at startup.Only the Sega logo without sound effects
– The text of “Press Start Button” remains displayed on the title screen
– Known beta elements such as the rolling ball of Green Hill Zone Method 1 and the UFO behind the Marble Zone continue to be implemented.
– At this stage, no bosses other than the Green Hill Zone boss have been implemented.
– Spring Yard Zone and Scrap Brain Zone still use their early names. Sparkling zone and clock work zone (indicated as “CLOCKORK” in the game)
– The background of the sparkling zone is very different from the final one
– This build is usually incomplete in most areas, which is to be expected.Example: Labyrinth has no water, so all three actions are broken

The video below has a lot of footage from Sonic’s prototype.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear when the prototype build was compiled correctly. But that’s just a few missing details of what would otherwise be a very neat discovery.

Thanks to Jake for the hint.


Sonic the Hedgehog prototype has been discovered

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