Sony and Microsoft don’t care about you, Scalper proves it

Why aren’t Sony and Microsoft trying to stop this? (Photo: eBay)

Readers are angry with the current situation on the PS5 The Xbox Series X is a scalper that holds Sony and Microsoft directly responsible.

Everything is usually defensive, but scalpers are so universally disliked that we have rarely seen defensive action in every action online. But it’s easy to imagine. In situations where no one is really hurt, they just take advantage of the obvious opportunity to make money easily (at worst, miss out on buying completely unnecessary luxury goods for months. Masu).

The more I think about it, the less I blame them. That about putting food on the table is probably to some extent true, at least for some of them, and given how pitifully easy it is to take advantage of the pre-order system, I no longer have them. I’m not even sure to blame.

Absurdly, I’m trying to buy a state-of-the-art console with processing power that I couldn’t imagine just 10 years ago, but I can’t invent the shop’s website. The same person cannot buy multiple consoles. It’s pathetic.

Sites like Box (I’ve never heard of it, but I’m paying close attention now) and Currys PC World (the system seems to be down rather than up) have tried to avoid the problem. I admire you. But they seem to be very low-tech solutions, and Box is basically just running a raffle for the chance to buy a new console.

When I look online, some people desperately ask why Sony and Microsoft do nothing about this, but as far as I can see, Sony says nothing about the problem. Microsoft has said something about trying to make it more fair with something that sounds like a box system. They don’t really do that, and given that we’re in a week this December, I think they’ll come in the same way I’ll refurbish a spare room someday I will.

A very clear explanation for this is that Sony and Microsoft don’t care. They make the same amount of money for anyone who buys a console and benefit greatly from the headlines that shout out of stock. This makes them very popular and allows more people to be interested. But do they care that fans get those consoles and enjoy Christmas as they once imagined? Obviously not.

The irony here is that Xbox and PlayStation fans are waging a better language war, defending the honor of the company of their choice, despite the company being blindly revealed. I couldn’t care about them.

But what can we do? I’m not going to pretend to suddenly boycott either console. You can’t believe it, so I think you’ll just have to wait for the first three or four months. Next generation until you can buy a console at a real price.

Scalper goes to hell, but if Sony and Microsoft made every effort to make console purchases fair or transparent, scalper didn’t exist. But they don’t, and they have lost a lot of respect from me for their attitude.

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Sony and Microsoft don’t care about you and scalpers prove it – Reader’s Feature

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