Sony Announces PlayStation Black Friday 2020 Trading

Henry Stockdale, Friday, November 20, 2020 17:14 GMT

You might not expect Black Friday to actually start next week and all the deals to start today, but despite the recent launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony released its own offer set today.Now via live Amazon And Playstation directThere are quite a wide range of options, from the old PS4 classics to the biggest hits of the year.

Launched independently PSN And PS Plus We have discounts today and many other additional offers. Anyone who has already subscribed to the PS Plus is eligible for free shipping via PlayStation Direct, so if not, it may be worth checking those subscriptions first.

In the meantime, we’ve put together some top recommendations for checking out.

Discounts are also displayed and will continue to be monitored Playstation black friday Deals.If you want to check something Xbox black friday Offer, we also cover you too.It is also advisable to head to Jelly deals Twitter And follow us to get the latest information on the latest bargains!

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Sony announces PlayStation Black Friday 2020 deals

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