Sony confirms PlayStation 5 remote play comes to PlayStation 4

With Sony’s surprising move, the PlayStation 5 remote play app has arrived on the PS4 this morning. However, not everyone can access it. The app is reportedly downloaded only to those who have a Japanese account. However, this still seems to be an interesting event sequence, as this means that the PS4 player can remotely access the PS5 content from another location.

Video Game Chronicles announced the arrival of the PS5 Remote Play app early today. The publication further pointed out that testing the app on the PS5 review unit did not yield any results. It is unknown when this feature will become popular. Perhaps is it set to arrive when new hardware is released? You have to wait. At least, Sony has confirmed the feature itself in the FAQ post on the PS blog.

VGC has captured a screenshot of the app displayed on the PS4 home screen. Please check below.

Regarding the update, the PS blog post states: “Players can access the PS5 from their PC or mobile device via remote play in the same way as the PS4. With the PS5, you can also access the PS5 from another PS5 via the PS4 console or remote play. I will. “

Blog posts continue,

We are updating the remote play function of PS4. In addition to being able to access the PS4 from a PC or mobile device, the PS4 can now access other consoles from the TV via remote play. This includes the ability to connect to your PS5 and stream your PS5 games to your PS4 so you can play there.

In addition, Remote Play allows up to three additional users to join a Remote Play session. This allows users to enjoy local multiplayer games via remote play.

PlayStation 5 will be available in North America and Japan later in the week of November 12. The console will arrive in Europe next week on November 19th.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle, PlayStation Blog]

Sony Confirms PlayStation 5 Remote Play is Coming to PlayStation 4

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