Sony emphasizes Japan as the most important after the report claims that the company’s profits have drifted

“The domestic market remains the most important,” Sony said after Bloomberg’s report claimed that the company’s interest in its native Japan had diminished. The platform holders are currently run primarily by Europeans, but their headquarters have moved to San Mateo, USA. All of this, coupled with the decline in home video game console sales in the region, has led to the company’s “attention.” […] According to one analyst, it is “drifting.”

Bloomberg cites “advanced players” on the PlayStation and reports that management was disappointed with Japan’s performance on the PlayStation 4. As a result, the article hints that the region has received a slightly larger hardware quota for the PlayStation 5 launch plan for local retailers than the PlayStation 3. The system will be released in the region next week, but Europe will have to wait until the second half of the month.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that the PS4 sold fewer units in Japan than the PS3 manages. Nonetheless, PS4 is significantly ahead of PS3 worldwide and is also highly profitable, for example with recorded PlayStation Plus subscriptions. Nonetheless, manufacturers continue to invest in Japanese publishers, and both FINAL FANTASY 16 and Resident Evil Village are positioned as major PS5 titles. The latter is even a timed monopoly.

However, according to an anonymous employee, Sony is shrinking the operation of Japan Studio, and the article continues that the US office believes that “the PlayStation business does not need games that only work in Japan.” This is despite the fact that it was expanding at the beginning of the year. The report adds that Microsoft, of course, is currently in a hurry to acquire, but is in talks with various Japanese developers to acquire a local team, but has nothing to announce yet in that regard. ing.

This is, frankly, a report of sending a shockwave through an enthusiastic community, but to be honest, there is little surprise about it. Nintendo is currently in trouble in the Japanese gaming market, yet Sony enjoys one of the best console generations to date. Obviously it’s still interested in Japanese games, but if you have limited resources, it’s not surprising that it’s drawn to areas where you’re still buying a lot of products.

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